The 10 Best YouTube Horror Shorts

Halloween! The best time of year in my humble opinion, outclassing Christmas by a huge margin. People dress up, candy flows freely, and scary movies are in abundance.

YouTube Horror Alma

At least, they used to be. Now, it seems that the cinema is a lacklustre field of action and romantic comedies during this unholy time of year. But, all is not lost my frightful fans… We can always count on Youtube!

If you know how to search, you can find some true YouTube horror gems… Come with me and I’ll show you ten of the most disturbing, frightening, or downright strange short films on the small screen.

#10: Tuck Me In

Almost a YouTube horror classic by now, you have the switch places gag pulled in a horror setting. The kid may not be the best actor, but the man who plays the father sure can emote. What really sells this piece by far is the soundtrack and low-lighting effects they used.

Beneath the bed is bright enough that we can see the boy clearly, while the top of the bed has long shadows draped over the smiling boys face. The obvious change in illumination is meant to create a disconcerting effect that helps make this story a little bit more frightening.

#9: One Winter’s Night

Animated while beautifully narrated, this short film has some crisp, clean work done with it. The sound effects are spot on, the music is great, and the pacing is fast enough to keep interest going. While it does linger a bit, this one creates another unsettling image that, in the end, is worth it.

#8: Having a Drink: A Werewolf Short

This could have been a lot better had the acting been amped up a bit. The lighting and special effects were on par with decent television, and the whole thing seemed to have a Quentin Tarantino vibe to it (think From Dusk Till Dawn). The baby was a little much, but the ending made it all worthwhile.

#7: Alma

Here we have a prime example of fine storytelling composed with the idea of being a warning to other children. I’m not always a fan of animated work, but this one is worthwhile as the quality is sublime and the story original. The daunting realization towards the end of what happened to the rest of the children makes this a YouTube horror classic.

#6: The Backwater Gospel

I live in Texas, and trust me when I say that the environment is like that in many parts of the Lonestar state. The story itself is of the Grim Reaper as an undertaker, which seems appropriate, and how his arrival is always marked with death. Is it fate that leads to the death or merely human error that creates the situation? You decide.

#5: The Living

Great acting allows for the slow pace, which is what kills this movie for me. The first zombie to make the list and we only get a brief flash of Walking Dead action. It’s fine though, because we’re left with a hero who is now stranded in a hospital where the dead have presumably been. Not the best film for those who are easily nauseated, so do be cautious.

#4: Make It Until Morning

Another zombie film, this one with less than stellar acting but a faster pace. Multiple sets make for a very dramatic sequence of events that leave you wanting more. The story has a few holes in it, but overall I think it deserves the spot at number four.

#3: Drink With The Living Dead

This is a fun music video with catchy lyrics, great tunes, and an interesting story. Nothing really bad to say about this save for the lack of quality pictures. The story is told well enough with what it has, and makes for something worthwhile in the long run.

#2: So Pretty

Hard to find because the label is off base, but well worth the search, this one is our first and only entry concerning vampires. In it we have a single set with a host of actors, most of them communicating non-verbally. The two that speak do so in a natural, flowing sense that make you believe it is a real conversation. Hell, I’ve had this conversation with someone, up to a point. The scary comes in hard and fast, so be certain to keep your eyes open. Great scare for Devil’s Night!

#1: The Passing

Okay, you want scary with great acting, fast pacing, and topping of suspense? Here you go, this story has a bit of everything, along with some amazing special effects that you get to coo over. The story is creepy yet believable, with characters that are fully fleshed out and not just caricatures. Enjoy it for what it’s worth!

And that’s it! My best YouTube horror short films that you can enjoy for Halloween, all of which can be watched back-to-back in around an hour. So I say get your laptop, plug it into some speakers, and invite over some friends. Have shots lined up for every time one of you gets scared and I guarantee you’ll be drunk by the end of said hour.

Either way, you’ll have a blast and be able to have something to watch while handing out candy to the kids.

Have a safe Halloween!

By Nicholas Paschall (@Nelfeshne)

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