Award-Winning “Chew” Comes to Camden

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Back in October last year, we told you that the folk over at the London Horror Festival were running a Playwriting competition. The winner was the utterly fantastic Chew, and it’s now getting its first feature-length run at the place where it all started – the Etcetera theatre in Camden. As part of the BlackBox Festival, the play will run between 29th-31st January.

The story focuses around a disastrous UN mission to Haiti where brilliant psychiatry professor Dr Haynes had been trying to help war crime victims. He employs young artist Beth to create a fitting tribute to one victim he cannot forget, but when Beth has her own ideas on how to help the tortured don, things take a turn to darkness.

Chew is written by Sarah Hamilton, and is her first play to be staged after she decided to focus on her drama writing last year after 14 years as a full-time local and national journalist. The play is inspired and influenced by her experiences as a war reporter in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as the current state of international politics. You can grab yourself a ticket here.

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