Black Sunday Film Festival Vol. 2: Line Up

The next installment of the Black Sunday Film Festival takes place on Sunday 25th February at the Hen and Chickens Theatre.

There’s one hell of a line up for you too, including the return of the extremely popular short film block, showcasing amazing talent from all over the world, and also two amazing feature films once closing out Block 1 and 3 of the event.

With February being Women in Horror month, the Black Sunday Film Festival team wanted to ensure that they feature as many films as possible from female directors and producers, as well as films with strong female leads in front of the camera.

It all kicks off with Block 1, which opens with short film The Prey from Director James Webber and Producers April Kelley, Sara Huxley and Poppaea Bicknell, and lead Rebecca Van Cleave.

Next is the excellent Elly from Director Jeff Seeman, Producers Shannon St George and Christopher Hagan, and lead Sydney Vollmer. Closing out Block 1 is Carnival of Sorrows from Director Mark Adams, Producer Chrissey Harrison and stars Antonia Tootill, David Curtis, Vicki Glover and Kate Danbury.

Block 2 — the short film block — has some treats in store too, including Cauchemar Capitonne (Studdied Nightmare) from Quebec, Canada, superhero comedy Bragging Rights, festival mega-hit Alchemy, revenge horror Beneath from director/writer/producer triple threat Lindsay Serrano, micro-short The Temple of Lilith starring Suicide Girl Hex Suicide, and closing will be The Dark Room from first time French Writer/Director Morgane Segaert.

Closing out the day, Block 3 opens with festival darling Burn, followed by the feature Habit from Director Simeon Halligan, Producers Nick Leese and Rachel Richardson-Jones and stars Jessica Barden, William Ash, Roxanne Pallett and Joanne Mitchell.

Block 1 – 12.30pm

The Prey
Carnival Of Sorrows

Block 2 – 03.30pm

Cauchemar Capitonne (Studded Nightmare)
Bragging Rights
The Temple Of Lillith
The Dark Room

Block 3 – 05.30pm


Get your tickets by clicking this link.

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