Dr Balden Cross: Beyond the Void

Who is Dr Balden Cross?

Dr Balden Arthur Cross was a 1970’s British television presenter known for programmes exploring myths, legends and biblical mysteries, and for televised investigations into the paranormal.

He was the founder of the Paratheological and Metaphysical Research Institute (PMRI), whose production branch (PMRI-TV) produced The Midnight Hour and Worlds Beyond.

These shows ran from 1972 to 1980 and gained Dr Cross equal measures of fame and notoriety.

Dr Cross outside the PMRIHe famously told associates that he would get a message back from the grave, and in a live televised séance (Wessex TV, 4 August 1984) contact was attempted.

There is controversy as to whether he did receive a message, with no one able to prove conclusively that events at the séance were real.

Famously excommunicated by the Catholic Church, Dr Cross is often described as the last heretic in popular and tabloid stories. Unfortunately, in May 1982, he contracted a chest infection that turned to pneumonia and died.

And Dr Balden Cross seems to have died as he lived; with controversy and enigma.

Dr Balden Cross

A TV documentary was released on the man himself in 1984 by the now defunct Wessex Television Studios – presumed deleted and lost forever after its initial broadcast.

It concluded with a séance attempting contact with the man himself to fulfill the promise he made.

This event has now passed into television folklore and infamy as events that night in late October were said to have been truly disturbing.

Luckily for us, as a treat this Halloween, an old VHS copy of the documentary has been found in the vaults of the PMRI.

The archivist at the institute says it had narrowly missed the skip and has now been put online for our viewing pleasure.

This mockumentary is a homage to British paranormal and Fortean TV of yesteryear. It even features Norman J. Warren!

Created by Tom Le Rutter, Beyond the Void comes with its own behind the scenes information, which fleshes out the legend of its existence. And, most importantly, is fun.

For more information, visit https://m.facebook.com/ThePMRI

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