In2ruders is the latest short from London based, award-winning filmmaker Naeem Mahmood of Trailblazer Films. This 23-minute psychological thriller will be featuring at The London Horror Society takeover at The Unrestricted View Horror Festival on 31st October 2018. Cat got a sneak preview of the film before its release:In2ruders film poster

In2ruders offers an inside look at the murky world of the music industry. It features an impressive cast, including Caprice (supermodel), Samuel Anderson (Doctor Who), Tony Hadley (Spandau Ballet), Ricki Hall (British style icon), Megan Burns (28 Days Later) and the Bloom Twins (pop music duo).

The soundtrack is also produced by Nick Rhodes (Duran Duran).

The music business is declining and record company, New World Reorder (NWR) want to push forward a new world agenda: “What we need now is collective dominance.”

We quickly learn that they’re not to be trusted, when a record executive from another label speaks out against them. He is soon whipped into shape…

We follow twin singers who, initially, refuse to sign their contract and NWR pile on the pressure to get them to “sign your soul over to me.”

After one twin gives into their demands, a sudden tragedy rips the sisters apart. What follows is a battle of wit and will, taking us down a dark, twisted path where you question what is real and whether anyone can be trusted.

In2ruders Caprice pool party largeIn2ruders is an awesome horror short. It highlights the beauty and grit of London and each scene is luxurious and filled with colour, vibrancy and sensuality; it is exquisitely shot.

But it is still a horror film and there is plenty to satisfy all horror fans. There are two truly horrific scenes (one which will have women crossing their legs) and one scene so creepy that even the most hardened horror fan will want to look away.

The cast are committed to their characters, particularly Caprice who’s obviously having a fun time being the beautiful yet oh so vile NWR head honcho and Hadley’s performance will traumatise all Spandau fans.

The soundtrack is epic, electric and eclectic; making each scene independently come alive.

In2ruders has it all: blood, violence, great performances, fab soundtrack, beautiful shots and an intriguing idea based on something really happening in our society. It’s a creepy, dark, stylised, thrill ride.

This is horror filmmaking at its best.

By Cat Dunn (toodamncat)

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