Introducing: Rabbits

It seems that we’re inundated by excellent crowdfunding projects at the moment.  You might have read B’s 5 that she can’t wait to see, but there’s another one we felt compelled to tell you about.

Introducing: Rabbits


Rabbits is a psychological thriller which tells the story of one man (Richmond) and his abusive brother (Arthur) who believe they are the sole survivors in a post-apocalyptic London until the first knock on their door in 20 years throws everything the held true into question.

The initial story of Rabbits was written after the Writer/Director (Alex) woke from a flu-induced fever dream with the story almost 90% complete. Since this time the script has been developed and honed with the help of Southern Exposure and Film London and now stands as a story that, whilst holding on to most of its original surreal and bizarre subject matter, is at its heart a character study in a three act structure.

This film will do that rare thing – take a serious dramatic study but tell it through the lens of a psychological thriller. The result is a powerful and entertaining film which should leave our audience with questions and a desire for another watch…

These guys have a stellar production team comprising serious creativity and experience, and they really need your help getting over the line – that ends in just 4 days time.

The team will be hugely appreciative if you could give their campaign a share or a like – all in the name of supporting grassroots British horror!  There’s some killer rewards on offer too, so you won’t leave completely empty handed!

Check out the Rabbits campaign here.


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