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Horror at the Starburst Media City Festival

This weekend, in Manchester’s media hub in Salford, The Starburst Media City Festival returns! Featuring a brilliant line up of modern horror & sci-fi, cult classics and some fantastic indie shorts, the festival promises to be an eclectic mash up … Continue reading

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The Dead Of Night Film Festival

The Dead of Night Film Festival is coming to Southport on the 20th & 21st October 2017, and is a fantastic new addition to the ever growing international horror film festival circuit. The objective of the festival is to bring … Continue reading

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Film Review: Bad Acid (2016)

Bad Acid Director: David Chaudoir Starring: Tristan Beint, Madeleine Bowyer, Tiffany Haynes Duration: 19 minutes I first became aware of David Chaudor’s Bad Acid at one of the London Horror Society’s short film screening nights last month. It was actually screened … Continue reading

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Introducing Silently Within Your Shadow

Silently Within Your Shadow 2015

“We Believe Horror is More Than Blood & Gore, We Believe Horror Can Be Story Driven.” Scott Lyus and his production company Crossroad Pictures firmly believe horror is more than just visceral, and it can be scary purely based on … Continue reading

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Film Review: Crying Wolf (2015)

Do you know what I always say? The world needs more werewolf films – so you can imagine how stoked I was to be asked to review Crying Wolf. The absence of creature feature films is becoming depressing; for me … Continue reading

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