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Temple Cinema is East End Film Festival’s (EEFF) shrine to the demonic, the delirious, and the dangerous. In a regular monthly slot for the duration of 2019, London’s most unique screening venue promises to dedicate itself to the dark arts … Continue reading

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The Changeling and The Shining… Connected?

If you like supernatural tales, seek out the 1980 film, The Changeling. It was rather overshadowed by the release of Kubrick’s The Shining in 1981, but both films have a series of coincidences that connect the two films overtly and … Continue reading

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And the point of a remake is…

Evil Dead Remake 2013

Being a huge fan of the horror genre, I will, within reason, go along to the cinema with my movie companion (aka Mum) and watch any horror movie that’s being shown. That being said, whenever there’s a remake coming to … Continue reading

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5 Overrated Horror “Classics”

Firstly, let me tell you something off topic.  I love a podcast.  When I find a new favourite I tend to binge-listen to the entire back catalogue.  The latest show to hook itself into my everyday life is The Elis … Continue reading

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