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Bored of the same old zombie film? Have you over watched Night of the Living Day or 28 Days Later? How about a film that has sex, questionable mother-son relations and zombie monks? Then you need to watch Burial Ground. … Continue reading

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Film Review: Maggie

*** Warning!  This review of Maggie contains spoilers! *** Zombies have dominated the media scene for quite some time. For military video games including zombie levels, to actual parody zombie movies, we’ve run the gamut of what this genre seems … Continue reading

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My All-Time Top 5 Zombies

Henrietta Zombie

Zombies are everywhere these days (not literally… put the cricket bat down), with the horror genre seeing an explosion of brain-consuming hordes across all sorts of creative media. Be it comic books, TV series or the good old horror film, … Continue reading

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Zombie Survival Game 2.8 Hours Later Returns To London With RUIN

2.8hours later Zombie Survival Event London UK

You may know of the zombie horror film 28 Days Later set in London, focusing on Cillian Murphy as he struggles to survive against ravaging, fast and ferocious undead creatures as they threaten to cause the demise of the human race. … Continue reading

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