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Our New Guide: five essential tips for new filmmakers

Taking any low or zero-budget film project from script to screen is an incredibly hard and labour-intensive process, with many hidden traps liable to trip you up along the way, at any point.

And that’s precisely why our LHS Pro team have created this short guide, and as a special bonus, it’s available free for ALL LHS members.

Its main aim is to try and flag some of the key aspects we believe you should absolutely focus on, as well as prepare you for some of the hurdles that could come your way.

It’s by no means a complete list of absolutely every issue that you might encounter, as everyone’s filmmaking experience is different. But hopefully what is in here will make your new filmmaking journey a somewhat smoother ride.

Our Premier Membership service: LHS Pro

LHS Pro is our brand new service that aims to not only help writers, filmmakers and any other creative individuals find others to work and collaborate with

…but also help demystify and simplify some of the more complex and time-consuming areas of the creative industry too.

What’s more, it aims to help both aspiring and seasoned professionals develop their talents by learning from those at the very top of their game — in every corner of the film industry.

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