10 Things You Didn’t Know About The REC Franchise

It’s always fun to love a particular horror film to the point where you find yourself delving beyond the film itself to look for more about it. I love finding out horror trivia for some of my favourite films and the REC franchise is one of my favourites.

REC Poster

Here’s a little bit of extra info that you might not know about the popular Spanish series!

  1. Director Paco Plaza, directed the first 3 films, and wrote Quarantine, which is the American version.
  2. Tony Moore, who illustrated The Walking Dead comic, drew a poster for REC 3 for its US promotion.
  3. Many of the scenes in  REC 2 were used with footage from the cameras that were on the actors who played the Special Forces soldiers.
  4. The original was filmed chronically and there was no set script. The actors didn’t know what each day would bring with filming.
  5. Actress Manuela Velasco (Angela) won a Best Actress from the Goya Awards for her performance in the original.
  6. REC 3 Genesis was never meant to be a sequel to the first 2 movies. Rather, it was a film that would run parallel to the storyline of the other films.
  7. The franchise actually has a comic book entitled REC Historias Ineditas, which contains 5 stories and gives the origins of the virus.
  8. REC 2 was filmed in Barcelona over the course of 6 weeks.
  9. Although both REC films were a team effort in directing, both directors veered off on their own for the remaining films in the franchise with Paco Plaza helming REC 3 Genesis and Jaume Balaguero directing REC 4 Apocalypse.
  10. REC has no opening credits, while REC 4 Apocalypse has an ending credit scene.

What are some of your favorite horror trivia? Let me know @horrorevilqueen

By Evil Queen B (@horrorevilqueen)

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