The premium service from The London Horror Society, dedicated to helping creative people of all experience levels and specialities bring their ideas to life.

LHS Pro is designed to be the ultimate solution to not only help writers, filmmakers and any other creative individuals find others to work and collaborate with…

…but also help demystify and simplify some of the more complex and time-consuming areas of the creative industry too.

And not only that, it aims to help both aspiring and seasoned professionals develop their talents by learning from those at the very top of their game – in every corner of the film industry.

What Do I Get As An LHS Pro Member?

First and foremost, you get access to our special LHS Pro members-only website, which will be where you find all of the your main perks of membership:

Access To The Private LHS Pro Discord Server

If you haven’t yet used it, Discord is an all-in-one text chat and forum that’s free, secure, and works on both your desktop and phone. As soon as you join LHS Pro, you’ll be able to access our private Discord area, which is the ‘beating heart’ of our new service.

Once you’re inside, you’ll be able to meet and talk to your fellow Pros in real time and share news about what you’re working on.

But what we’re really excited about, is that you’ll also be able to find other people to collaborate with too. So, if you’re looking for assistance in bringing your film idea or script to life – or if you’re looking to find a project to get involved with, then this is the place to make it happen.


The Pro Location Tool

If you’ve ever tried hunting for a place to film, you will have likely stumbled across the usual agencies that aim to make your job a whole lot easier. But the cost can be astronomical, and when you’re working on small budgets, you can quickly be priced out of even the cheapest options.

This brand-new tool currently contains a hand-picked selection of around 100 residential and studio locations from all over the country, that are all listed on property rental websites — with even more coming soon.

But crucially, each one has been pre-qualified for use by film crews, and had its key features highlighted (and easily searchable) — making it easy for filmmakers to find exactly what they’re looking for.

And the best part? They are all listed at regular holiday rental prices — so no hugely-inflated agency day rates to contend with. Just fantastic locations at a fair fee.

The Pro Writers’ Room

Our Pro Writers’ Room is here to help the writers in our ranks get feedback on their work from their fellow members and the LHS Pro team.

Members can share their work within our secure channels, using an easy to use process that keeps their work as protected as possible.

Then, each month we’ll be hosting a private live video chat where our close-knit group can constructively critique what has been submitted, whilst also being able to brainstorm new ideas.

Master Q&A

Throughout the course of the year, we’ll be hosting recorded online video Q&As with top industry experts from a wide range of specialities.

You’ll not only get your chance to pose questions to writers, directors and other creative maestros, but also those in the more niche areas of the industry, such as PR & marketing, or crowdfunding, to name just a few.

In each Master Q&A session, we’ll be asking our guest questions sent in directly by you, our members.

Currently waiting for you inside are our first seven sessions:

    • Dr Rebekah Louisa Smith, or as she’s better known to many, The Film Festival Doctor.
    • Greg Day, Film PR specialist.
    • Jordan Allwood, Sales & Acquisitions manager at Independent Films.
    • Oliver Kassman, Founder at Escape Plan Productions, and producer of last year’s smash-hit horror St Maud.
    • Peter Suddell, Director at Media Insurance Brokers
    • Jes Bailey, Founder at Crowdfund 360
    • Simon Hassard, Location Scout & Manager

…with more to come!.

Pro Training

We’re incredibly passionate about helping both budding and experienced filmmakers, writers and other industry professionals get out there and create fabulous projects. After all, there’s so much to be learned by getting out there and learning through experience!

But this doesn’t mean that we don’t see value in formal training and better understanding the theory behind it.

That’s why at LHS Pro, we’re working with some highly respected tutors to develop condensed and concise recorded training sessions that aim to provide a deeper, more academic insight into a range of creative subjects.

And the moment you join LHS Pro, you’ll be able to access our first course: How To Write A Screenplay.

This 3-hour recorded video tutorial explores a proven method for developing concepts into production-ready scripts, and is written and developed by Paul Harker, a lecturer in Screenwriting at the University of Leeds and a screenwriting mentor at the Oakwood Film Academy.

It’s split into 3 unique sessions:

      • Session 1: 101 Film Structure
      • Session 2: Using Structure to develop loglines
      • Session 3: From Logline to finished script

This degree-level series is ideal for screenwriting beginners and early career writers — but it’s also a fantastic ‘refresher’ course for those that are more experienced too. And all three parts are available for you to digest as soon as you join LHS Pro.

LHS Pro Partners

This is where you can link up with our preferred list of industry partners. We’ve picked out who we believe are the best providers of key services such as kit hire, prop hire and crowdfunding support, with more to be added very soon!

The aim here is to save you time and effort shopping around for the best cover, package, or whatever else you might need to develop your project — we’ve already done the hard work for you!

What’s more, we’ve arranged some exclusive special offers and packages too, saving you even more money!

This includes a fantastic 30% off Final Draft — the leading screenwriting software.  That saving on its own is worth more than the cost of LHS Pro membership!

Weekly Industry News Digest

It can be tricky keeping up with everything that’s happening in the industry. That’s why every Saturday morning, we’ll send you a shortlist of the most important news stories that have occurred over the past week, in a quick, easy-to-digest email.

What Our Members Have Said About Us…

“We have worked with LHS on our horror film festival for the last few years and they are fantastic! The passion, knowledge and enthusiasm they have for the horror genre is second to none”

– J.W. Festival Director

“The LHS has been amazing at helping to promote our work online – from shorts to features, and even our crowdfunding campaigns. It helps bring our work to a new audience and has enabled us to form ongoing relationships with other filmmakers, both in the UK and beyond.

Their reviews are fair and balanced, and the events they run are a great opportunity for like-minded horror fans and creators to engage in the community. I’ve always felt very welcomed and enthused by their concentration on the genre.”

R.R. Film Producer & Director

“Uncanny Collective have been working with The London Horror Society for some time now, having our live events, online shows and podcast promoted through their website, newsletter and social media. Every communication and interaction with their entire team is an absolute joy!

Our content is always welcomed with open arms and distributed to their members in a speedy and effective manner. With their help and promotion, our audiences we perform to, our social media following and general horror network are continuing to grow and we’re so thankful for their contribution to that. The whole LHS are definitely considered part of our Horror Family.”

S.L. Actor

“The London Horror Society is a terrific, awesome place filled with love for all the things indie horror. Our little dark gem KEEP MUM found love and support here while we discovered many terrific, visionary and thrilling voices too! You must join! The London Horror Society is the Best!”

L.D.P. Film Director

How Much Does Access To LHS Pro Cost?

Now, when you consider the sheer amount of value contained inside LHS Pro, you wouldn’t be alone in thinking that the cost of membership could have run into hundreds of pounds a year.

But we wanted to make LHS Pro as accessible to as many people as we possibly can.

Which is why we have decided to price a full 12 months of membership at just £49. That works out to less than £1 a week!1

We are so proud of what we’ve accomplished here at The London Horror Society already, and are so excited to be entering the next stage of our journey to hopefully help everyone try and make the very most of their creative careers.

To join us at LHS Pro, simply click the button below and follow the simple instructions.

We sincerely look forward to welcoming you inside LHS Pro!

The London Horror Society Team

Small Print:

Your card will be charged £49 for your first year of service. At the end of your first year, your subscription will automatically renew at £49 annually unless cancelled. You may cancel your membership at any time by contacting Please note that your initial subscription fee is non-refundable.