We’ve had a 2019 horror TV shows preview but now I’d like to take a look back at the 5 best 2018 horror TV shows.

The horror genre has once again defied borders and widened our understanding of it. And this change hasn’t been made solely with films.

2018 was the year of the horror TV.

Before I start, I know that some of the choices below might seem questionable but bear with me.

Here are my 5 best 2018 horror TV shows.

5 – Into the Dark

Into the Dark is not as unique as it may sound.Into The Dark title screen

It’s an anthology where each episode tells a horror story that is set during a holiday.

The twist: each episode is 90 minutes long and is released in the month of the holiday featured in the episode.

Therefore, since the first episode was released on Halloween, there’ve only been four episodes (two in December).

However, the first season is said to have 12 episodes overall, which will be released next year.

Like I said, the premise of the series isn’t that original as we’ve already seen the same idea in Holidays.

The difference here is that each episode is a feature film and not a short film, and, unlike Holidays, Into the Dark is extremely amusing.

The series is produced by Blumhouse Productions and premiered on Hulu.

4 – Ghoul

Ghoul posterGhoul is an Indian miniseries based on the Arab folklore monster ghoul: a human flesh-eating monster.

The series is set in a dystopian future where the fascism is at its maximum and a new military officer, Nida Rahim, who firmly believes in the regime, is ready to go to any lengths to prove her loyalty to the authoritarian system.

She delegates to extract a confession from one of the most dreaded terrorists, Ali Saeed who is possessed by a supernatural entity.

Saeed manages to turn the tables and ends up exposing Nida’s deepest and darkest secrets.

The series is a Blumhouse production and a Netflix original, created by Patrick Graham.

It’s a perfect watch if you are tired of the American formula and want something different and new.

Ghoul TV still3 – You

You is the story of Joe, who becomes obsessed Guinevere (known as Beck).You poster

He goes above and beyond just to make a connection with her, be that stealing her mobile and gaining access to all her social media or kidnapping her boyfriend to diminish competition.

I know this is an odd choice and I know this might not be considered horror, but let’s take a step back and reconsider what horror really is.

So, what is horror if not something that terrifies you? Whether it’s a ghost, monster, serial killer or someone who is obsessed with and stalking you?

Personally, I think that belongs in the horror realm.

You want a monster? Take Joe.

You TV still

He’s the common monster we see and hear in the news every day.

Joe’s not only the definition of a psychopath, but he also embodies everything that’s wrong with male privilege.

Also, most of the series is told via his perspective and he shifts his gaze and tries to trick us into being on his side.

Classic psychopath move!

Furthermore, You shows how toxic relationships can be. And not just romantic relationships, but friendships as well.

It’s an extremely important series that we desperately need.

2 – Castle Rock

Castle Rock posterStephen King is a household name.

He’s defined generations and has contributed to our nightmares for many years.

There’ve been so many film and TV adaptations, but Castle Rock is the ultimate gift for all King fans.

Just by the name we can imagine what the series will include.

Castle Rock is the name of the fictitious town where King sets most of his stories, and this series isn’t sparse on the references.

The story intertwines characters and themes from his original work that takes place in Castle Rock, Maine.

The series is produced by Bad Robot Productions and JJ Abrams.

If that’s not enough to make you want to watch it, Jane Levy (who’s been growing in the horror genre) features alongside veterans, Bill Skarsgård and Sissy Spacek.

Castle Rock TV still1 – The Haunting of Hill House

As I’ve written before, The Haunting of Hill House struck a chord in me.The Haunting of Hill House poster

I found it extremely entertaining, appealing to both the audiences that want to feel scared and those that prefer to feel emotionally challenged. And, overall, very intelligent.

The Haunting of Hill House is a retelling of Shirley Jackson’s book and tells the story of the Crain family who live in the Hill House in the 1980’s whilst they fix it before selling.

However, the series is not told chronologically, and the narrative explores the lives of the family members 25 years after living in the house.

It focuses on the children as it explores how they’ve been affected by their tormented childhood and by the horrific loss each of them has suffered.

The Haunting of Hill House is a beautiful work and is told with such sensitivity, whilst touching on subjects such as loss, mental health and addiction without lecturing us.

The series, directed by Mike Flanagan, deserves all the praise it’s been getting.

It belongs at number one.

The Haunting of Hill House TV stillBy Bruna Foletto Lucas

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