5 Of The Best Horror Movie Deaths

What better way to welcome in the start of the week than a little reminisce about some of the best horror movie deaths. Recreating them with colleagues is discouraged, no matter how therapeutic the thoughts might be. We’re also pretty sure that this is the first list of its type not to feature that scene from Alien. John Hurt has been through it enough times now anyway. Hope you enjoy!


They don’t do axe-related deaths like they used to. From the glass-breaking jump scare to the brutal “chop”, this hack-up is a classic. And that’s before we talk about the utterly textbook-Argento use of a white wall to accentuate the splatter from poor Jane’s stump. Epic and unforgettable.


The moneyshot of this scene is probably one of the most over-used gifs in my locker. The “head exploding” moment is certainly one of David Cronenberg’s standout efforts, and that’s really saying something when you consider what the bodyshock king has created.

I even love the story of how this scene was created. A latex head was filled with chopped liver and dog food, then shot from behind with a shotgun. I can only imagine how much fun that must have been to film on set.


That’s right, I went double-Dario. And I’m not even sorry. This scene might not just be my favourite horror death ever, but also my favourite all-time film scene. It has it all. From the suspense-driven chase, to the almost pink-hued blood that was so commonplace in Giallo’s of this era. And then, the stabbing of the heart. Wow. Why not spell out exactly what’s happening after all?

And still we haven’t finished. Poor Pat’s demise is finally sealed by crashing through an ornate roof to be left hanging by a noose, eyes wide open. And to top it all off, what’s the crux? Pat’s friend Suzy. Who, so desperate to try and save her friend ends up with half a conservatory through her skull. Just brilliant.

Puppet Master

And from the sublime, we go to the ridiculous with a nod to the medieval medical marvel that is the leech. If murderous dolls weren’t creepy enough, why not fill them with the blood-sucking worms, and vomit them out during light bondage? Bravo Mr Schmoeller.

The Collection

Lets end with a silly one. Marcus Dunstan’s 2012 offering is often unfairly overlooked as a result of being coined a “Saw clone”, but this film certainly has its moments. Dancing teens being mowed down with an oversized lawnmower being the standout. Hilarious.

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