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In this day and age, video games are no longer toys for the young that are looked upon by adults as a way to keep children quiet. Those kids of yesteryear have grown up, and now still play video games that have immersive plots, amazing graphics, and outstanding gameplay. Much like books and movies, these games are built to evoke certain emotions to capture and engage the participant, which of course is a perfect fit for horror video games.


This was an advent that didn’t successfully trigger until the original PlayStation years, as decent graphics were needed to better portray the horror. Not that gore & great visuals are everything, but a three-dimensional world where your actions can have serious consequences became something that amazed and infuriated many kids.

Now, gamers have the joy of playing with cutting-edge technology and seeing what true depths of horror they can plunge into.  And with that in mind, here’s a list of some of the newest upcoming games you can look forward to in the near future

Friday the 13th

Horror Video Games: Friday 13th

A classic slasher brought back to life through some really twisted method, this is an eight player online (PC only for now) game coming out in 2017. In this, seven people play camp counsellors who, as you might have guessed, need to try and escape the indomitable Jason Voorhees.

With a variety of execution methods, the player controlling the slasher can deliver deadly lessons out to the remaining players as they try and get the power back on so they can better defend themselves, find a vehicle and get it gasoline and hot-wire it, or get to a phone service station on the map to call for help.

They all are risky, and each counsellor has a stamina bar where they will get “tired” and move at a fraction of their normal speed. Jason, on the other hand, always moves at a brisk walk. Between the fact that he is functionally immortal and his bloodlust for randy teenagers, this is a classic in the making.

This video highlights the various methods that the game will employ for Jason to do what he does best. It’s sure to be a campy romp through a wonderland of terror that everyone should enjoy. I can picture this one being played with friends over a team-speak line while drinking on a dark night. A definite must-have for the horror gamer.

Overkill’s The Walking Dead


Now, this entry is a strange one. First of all this is going to be all for all platforms, and while it was slated for late 2016, it got pushed back to 2017. The Walking Dead is no doubt a big hit, and the creator of the comics has been reluctant to promote any video game portraying his work (There have been four so far and he’s remained silent).

So, the fact that he has come out and said he loves what is being done with this version, has been directly hired by the game company to keep it to his quality level of horror, and is coupled with a group of developers that are great at making co-op games, is really exciting.

By all accounts, this will be a horror survival, stealth, and combat game. It will be set in Washington D.C., so we’re getting away from Georgia for the first time in the entire vein of the series. From what we have seen so far, we’re going to be seeing the outbreak from day one, and get to experience the fall of civilisation first hand.

If you like zombie games like so many of us who grew up with the Resident Evil games tucking us into bed, then this should be right up your alley. Like the television show and comics, this will be for mature audiences only.



A game about being in the bowels of Hell. And no, this isn’t a Doom knock-off. This is another survival game where you gain powers to intimidate, circumnavigate, and even fight the demons of Hell itself, as you try and piece together the mystery about how you can escape.

You must contact the Red Goddess, a mysterious figure that holds sway in the wretched realm, and try to get her help. Minor demons provide unwholesome chaos throughout, though later on you can scare them off by possessing larger ones and clearing a path for yourself. The atmosphere alone is worth the tag line of a 2017 release, and the fact that it’ll be on every platform makes this a must for all horror gamers.

Outlast Two


This is the sequel to the gut-wrenching survival horror that took us by storm. Outlast Two is set in the same universe as the original, just in a different locale and with different characters.

The difficulty will be amped up as this is now in an Arizona desert, with twisted abominations wandering the wasteland and each house possibly hiding the darkest secret yet…

The joy that this game will bring in early 2017 will make some people downright giddy. The first game was so terrifying I know several people who couldn’t finish it, and when I played it for myself I know I quickly realised that there were things that you weren’t actually meant to kill. They were placed there as a means for you to work around them, not just overcome with sheer firepower. This one should be for all platforms as well, so no need to worry.

Now tell me that doesn’t look amazing!



This is a mix of the movie Inception and Nightmare on Elm Street, which should create an interesting game. In this psychological horror, you delve into people’s minds to find what truly frightening things lurk within. So not only will you have a variety of nightmarish landscapes, but a host of creatures to combat, sneak around, and otherwise deal with.

This video should give you an idea of what you’ll be dealing with. The game, like the others, is a 2017 release and it should be available across all platforms.

And with that I’ve shown you what I think are the must-have horror video games for the coming year ahead.  And if they’re not your thing, then there’s some good ideas for some gifts for next Christmas.  There’s only around 340 shopping days left anyway…

I hope you enjoy some of these, and a happy new year to you all!

By Nicholas Paschall (@Nelfeshne)

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