5 Exciting British Horror Films Coming Soon

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2017 is currently promising to be a pretty decent year for horror across the globe, with personal highlights Insidious 4, Annabelle 2, and Saw Legacy all set to hit screens. However, I usually enjoy watching British horror films a great deal more than large budget Hollywood blockbusters — they seem to feel a lot closer to home than their American counterparts (because technically they are!).

Here is a list of the 5 British horror films I’m particularly looking forward to seeing this year and why…  Hope you enjoy!

Don’t Knock Twice

Mother and daughter rekindle their relationship whilst trying to fend off an evil witch intent on devouring the innocent. “Knock once to wake her from her bed, twice to raise her from the dead…”

2016’s The Witch and the Blair Witch have undeniably put Witch movies back on the map for me, and I’m looking forward to seeing what else can be done this year with this subject in mind.

The Snare

A group of friends head to the British seaside for a booze-filled weekend. Things soon turn sour, leading them to be trapped and stalked by a supernatural force in their holiday home. A drunken night gone wrong is always an excellent setting for a horror film, and despite its obvious low budget, The Snare looks pretty entertaining with a decent amount of gore.

Patient Zero

Patient Zero follows Morgan (Matt Smith) as he hunts for a cure to heal mankind from a super virus that has transformed the infected into articulate, intelligent serial killers. Only he is able to communicate with the infected; an unusual twist on a generic zombie film storyline, it will be interesting to see how the infected are portrayed.

Fox Trap

Having accidentally disabled a girl years ago, a group of friends are invited to a country house unaware they are being targeted by an unknown maniac intent on reaping revenge. Basically, this sounds like it could be a British I Know What You did Last Summer. Slasher films never cease to entertain me and usually have innovative ways of killing characters off.  I’m excited to see what this might bring in that respect!

Ghosts Of Darkness

Two paranormal investigators must spend three nights in a house and report on any mysterious activities. Surprise surprise, they soon realise it’s haunted, and take on it’s dark past to survive. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a trailer for a comedy horror film that has actually made me laugh… Budget looking special effects are also a bonus!

It would be great to know what British horror films you’re looking forward to also!

By Seema Chohan

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