5 Horror Films That Are Definitely Worth Rewatching

With so many new horror films constantly being released, it’s sometimes easy to forget about the masses of good horror films that are already out there.

Listed below are five horror films I recently watched for a second time, and they were still awesome!


Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley star as Clive and Elsa, a young couple of genetic engineers who create an animal-human hybrid they call Dren.

As Dren ages at an accelerated rate, it becomes harder and more dangerous for Clive and Elsa to keep her hidden in their work lab. They move their creation to a secluded barn to maintain secrecy.

Dren, now seven foot tall with superhuman strength and violent tendencies, does not respond well to isolation and proves difficult to control. Splice is unpredictable, clever, and shocking. Science fiction horror at its most entertaining.


Fifty people wake up in a room, unaware of how they got there and unable to leave.

Positioned in a circle around a black dome, they must vote every few minutes to decide who will die next, or the dome will decide for them. Desperation is apparent and alliances are formed, the majority of which prove meaningless as only one person can survive.

Circle is a Netflix gem that really makes you question your own morality and ethics, and if put in that situation; would you kill or be killed?


Still grieving their stillborn child, Kate and John (played by Vera Farmiga and Peter Sarsgaard) decide to adopt a child to join their family of four.

Shortly after arriving at the orphanage, they chose nine-year-old Esther. Esther, originally from Russia, charms Kate and John with her polite and well-mannered demeanour. However, it is not long till Kate realises that there is something not right about her…

Orphan is excellently acted — Isabelle Fuhrman’s portrayal as Esther in particular is five-star. In addition, the film also has the most outrageous plot twist that you have to see!


A meteorite containing a parasite from outer space crashes into the woods of a small town infecting a local car salesman, Grant. He goes on to infect Brenda, impregnating her with thousands of alien babies.

She is kept in a barn and fed a diet of raw meat, eventually becoming so big that she splits in half and releases thousands of slithering alien slugs into the town.

I tend to avoid comedy horrors, but Slither is a worthy exception. Blood galore, alien slugs, and an explosive finale, what more could you ask for?

The Hills Have Eyes 2

The Hills Have Eyes 2 follows a group of trainee National Guardsmen in the desert, as they attempt to survive being hunted by mutants intent on capturing the women of the group in order to breed.

Intensely more harrowing that its predecessor, this is depressing, disgusting, and traumatising. It’s so grim that you cannot look away! However, the mutants makeup is exceptionally well done, and there are some moments of much-needed humour to get you through it.

By Seema Chohan

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