5 Horror Scenes that Scared Me as a Kid

A great film can be judge on it’s ability to leave a lasting impression with you and when it’s horror and you’re a child there is a high probability that will happen! As a horror-watcher since the age of 8 I‘ve seen my fair share of scenes that have creeped me out.

Since the month of horror will soon be upon us what better way to get into the Halloween spirit than to share with you some psychological trauma! I figured I would share a few horror scenes from my childhood that still stuck with me even after all these years!


This was the first horror movie I ever watched as a child and you could say that it was my “gateway drug” to the genre. I’ve watched this movie countless times, but that doesn’t mean I could comfortably sit through all the scenes even now.

The one big scene that has always stuck with me is Quint’s death, which to me is one of the most brutal scenes in the film. His death brings the phrase “saving the best for last” a whole new meaning. It felt like it was in slow motion and when he descends into the jaws of the beast, hearing his screams left this child haunted. I could feel his fear and panic as he was essentially being eaten alive. This moment has always been on the top of my horror memories and still reverberates with me today.

Nightmare on Elm Street

1, 2 Freddy’s coming for you… yeah that song is still creepy! Wes Craven’s immortal telling of a killer who hunts you in your dreams is literally the stuff of nightmares and as a child NOES sure did give me some.

I remember watching this at a sleepover with my head buried in a pillow, but somehow still really loving the film. The one scene that always seems to resonate with me is when Freddy walks down the alleyway with his elongated arms. As a child lying down to sleep, that scene would always worm it’s way into my brain, which accounted for several sleepless nights. Freddy’s slow walk and the sound of his razor sharp claws put a chill down my spine that never really left me.  


I love creature features and 1980’s Alligator was no exception. The one scene that always got me as a kid, actually involved a kid. If you haven’t seen the film, an Alligator is flushed down a toilet, lives in the sewers feeding on carcasses of experimental lab animals, which in turn makes our reptilian friend a little larger than normal.

So, once he escapes from the sewer, he begins to reek havoc in the city – and in particular a neighbourhood family’s pool. They’re having a child’s party and a few of the kids wander away and decide to play “walk the plank” into the pool. A few of the children go over to the pool with one of them blindfolded. They lead him onto the diving board and as soon as they turn on the pool light there is the Alligator, with his mouth wide open. The child lifts the blindfold, sees the alligator and starts to scream. But it’s too late. He’s in the pool and there’s one less kid at the birthday party.

The main reason this scared me as a child was because we actually had a pool in our backyard. So, every time I got on the diving board even in the daylight I always thought of that scene and how I really didn’t want to be eaten by an alligator, because honestly who does.


If a horror movie can spawn at least one fear of an object, it has done it’s job.  But if it spawns countless fears then it’s a classic and a prime memory-scarring childhood movie. When poor Carol-Ann gets taken by malevolent poltergeists, it is up to a clairvoyant and her team of a paranormal investigators to rescue her.

For most people this movie caused coulrophobia, which is a fear of clowns (see also the next film I talk about). But, for me the scene that always freaked me out was when one of the paranormal investigators goes into the bathroom, looks in the mirror and his face starts falling off in chunks and by the ends he has ripped off his face.

There is no other way to describe this scene other than really gross. Not only was I worried that my face would just spontaneously fall off, but it gave a whole new fear to looking at yourself in the mirror.

Stephen King’s IT

Pennywise The Clown.  He truly needs no explanation as to why he scared me as a child and still creeps me out as an adult. Although not a traditional movie, rather a “made for tv movie”, this adaptation of Stephen’s King’s IT was a television horror masterpiece. And much like Craven’s Freddy, Pennywise created long living nightmares.

To pick a specific scene that was most terrifying to me as a kid is hard because Pennywise’s mere presence in a scene was enough to trigger fear. But, the one that always sticks out in my mind are when the group of friends are down by the river bank and are looking through an old photo album. There’s a photo that shows Pennywise in the town, which suddenly starts to move. In the background you see a clown doing flips through the dirt covered streets. Suddenly, he stops to look at the town. He freezes and points at the kids looking at him in the book and jumps onto a street lamp post and reaches out through the book to grab them.

This scene scared me as a kid because Pennywise stopped, stared and pointed at YOU. Which to many is not an issue, but to me it just further emphasised that nothing was safe. Not even a photo album.

Written by Evil Queen B

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