5 Recent Hilarious Horror Comedies

A lot can be said about horror comedies. I’ve been a fan of them from a young age, when I realised that A Nightmare on Elm Street wasn’t actually scary but quite funny. Since then, the twisted person in me started finding the humour in other horror films, where previously they were always simply scares, jumps and gruesome killings.

We’ve had some excellent examples over the years. Shaun of The Dead, ZombieLand, Tucker & Dale vs Evil are just a few that went down really well! This list contains five more that I’ve seen more recently (listed in no particular order) that really worked well for me. They are all different in their approach, delivery and visuals, but all provided laughs, shocks and / or gore in good measure.


Nina Forever

I had no idea what to expect here but was told by many that “you have to watch it, it’s going to be brilliant” So you have to check it out right? What I did find was a dark, witty and brilliantly made “Fucked up Fairy Tale”.

It centres around Nina who dies in a car crash, and her boyfriend who, grief stricken, botches a suicide attempt. He tries to get on with his life and soon finds himself falling for his colleague Holly. It all seems to be going ok, but things soon get complicated – Nina returns from the afterlife and torments the couple whenever they have sex. And so develops a wonderfully sexy and funny series of events to finally lay Nina to rest.

There are some really great scenes in this movie; some that make you cringe, some that make you feel sympathy for Rob and Holly and others that just have you laughing at their crude and raw nature. It’s a well-made, dark comedy, but most of all it’s an emotional journey of Rob and Holly’s relationship. Well worth checking out and if you’re brave, as a first date movie!

Rating 4.5/5



This movie just blew a loud, gory, hilarious hole in my mind and I don’t think I’ve enjoyed a zombie being bludgeoned to death by a dildo so much.

Before all that happened, we see a kid moving to a suburban town to live with his strict Christian aunt and uncle. Being a heavy metal fan, Brodie doesn’t quite fit in. But he sticks with it and defies those that think he’s weird. He forms a band, unwittingly summons the devil (of course) and all hell breaks loose. Literally.

Deathgasm is a fast paced, gory metal movie. It’s made for a midnight screening somewhere and it’s in your face. The dialogue is clever and witty, and the imagery is exactly what you’d expect. A heavy metal horror movie with loads of blood-spewing kill scenes. An axe to the head? No problem. Ripping out someone’s spine? Sure. Anal beads in the ear? You got it! It’s crude and funny in equal measure and you really do find yourself wanting Brodie to stop the charge of the Devil and win not only the battle against evil, but also the girl.

I read somewhere that the director Jason Lei Howden said “If you see the title Deathgasm and think, ‘Maybe this isn’t for me,’ then you’re probably right”. That pretty much sums it up for me.

Rating 4/5




Ever watched a zombie movie and thought… “we don’t have enough possessed kids in this flick”? If so, you’re in luck. Cooties is all about possessed kids, and they want to tear you apart.

Cooties is more of an American term for the British ‘lurgy’ which is an infection that can be passed on through some sort of close contact. In Cooties, it’s all because of a dodgy piece of chicken. A child eats its, get infected and lashes out at her classmates who in turn get infected leaving the teachers to fight for their survival. One of which is Elijah Wood, who plays a struggling writer who returns to his old neighbourhood to teach while dealing with writers block.

We are left with adults trying to avoid getting infected, kids with teeth baring, salvia dripping and blood splattered faces waiting for the next victim. If you’re a teacher and you have a class full of ‘difficult’ children, the sight of teachers willing to batter these infected children might be for you. There is plenty of bad language and limbs flying.

There are some great individual scenes here, most notable from the over the top PE Teacher (played by Rainn Wilson), Jorge Garcia and some magic mushrooms. Ultimately it could have avoided some of the cliché’s and been even better. A good watch nonetheless and a slightly different approach to the zombie genre.

Rating 3/5



I actually saw Housebound by chance. I liked the tagline on the poster: “terror gets domesticated”. I also liked the premise; A haunted house movie with a pissed off angry woman on house arrest.

Kylie is caught trying to break open a cash machine, and as I said, gets put on house arrest in a sleepy, gossip ridden town with her mother. Her mother swears the house is haunted but Kylie thinks she is losing her mind until she too hears some eerie noises and odd goings on. So, Kylie gets investigating. Is it just an over active imagination from being indoors all the time or is the house possessed?

The dialogue is brilliant, some great one liner jokes and Kylie’s dead pan delivery is on point. Her mother Miriam is a caring, doting chatterbox, who too is convinced that the house is possessed so they agree to a local small time ghostbuster to visit the house.

There are some great scenes involving a violent teddy bear and a fight scene involving a whisk and a cheese grater. This is brilliantly made with very sharp dialogue and a good measure of jumps thrown in to keep you on the edge of your seat. Housebound certainly keeps you gripped and laughing in equal measure.

Rating 4/5



A fan of Troma style films? Read on. If not you may be in for a surprise. Banjo is a film about a bullied chap called Peltzer Arbuckle. He’s made to feel pretty shitty by his colleagues and his girlfriend. One day he snaps (literally) and rediscovers his imaginary friend Ronnie. Ronnie is a twisted, disgusting but funny character who manipulates Peltzer to exact revenge on all those that have wronged him.

The movie is certainly an homage to Troma films and the like. Director Liam Regan previously worked on Return to Nuke ‘Em High, and was clearly influenced by the low budget, graphic, gory and gross out fun.

The film takes its name from the early erm… ‘Banjo string’ scene (get on urban dictionary if you want to know what that’s all about), and then just takes off on a crazy ride of revenge with brilliantly over the top gore scenes — true to this style of movies. There will be scenes you end up watching through your fingers, and some will really make you question the directors sanity and state of mind. But it works, and as a first time feature length film it certainly is awesome. I had a lot of fun watching this (despite the mistreatment of male genitalia) and I’m intrigued to see what’s next from Liam.

Rating 3.5/5

By Mal Jutley (@maljutley)

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