Writing team: Andre Leon

Andre Leon is a writer and special education teacher from California. Christened into the world of horror by Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas at the tender age of three, Andre continues strong today in immersing himself into the macabre creations of film, music and literature.

Having written for The London Horror Society before, Andre has also contributed to numerous online publications, including Ghastly Grinning and Halloween Every Night. He is beyond excited to return to the London Horror Society, which he truly believes to be the loudest voice for independent horror in the UK!

Always a fan of horror-laden discourse and Norwegian black metal recommendations, you can find him on Twitter @aleoninvasion or leonandreadam@gmail.com!

Andre’s Favourite Horror Film: American Psycho

Andre's Most recent Articles:

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Although Women’s History Month has officially wrapped, we continue to celebrate and spotlight the seminal female voices of the horror genre. Since...

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Book vs Film: Hellraiser

THE SWEET, SWEET SUFFERING “We forget out pleasures and we remember our sufferings”, or so the Roman stateman Cicero once remarked; and...

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Film Review: Shook

With the advent of the internet nearly three decades ago, the horror genre has since evolved in scope and terrorized audiences across...

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Film Review: A Nightmare Wakes

Heralded as a classic novel upon its release over two centuries ago, Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus not only unleashed the notorious...

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As the horror genre saw a resurgence in popularity in 2017, with releases such as It and Get Out, 2018 propelled the...

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