Writing team: Bruna Foletto Lucas

Bruna is passionate about film, especially horror. In the past, she worked on a few feature and short films, but recently she has changed her career path to a more academic approach. She has an MA in Film Studies from Kingston University and is currently doing her PhD in horror films.

Bruna has been writing for the London Horror Society since 2017. Her writings can also be found on UK Film Review and scattered around horror websites.

You can find her ranting on Twitter @Bruna_FinalGirl and posting nonsense stories on Instagram @foletto.b. She also has her own blog which you can see here.

Bruna’s Favourite Horror Film: Halloween (1978)

bruna's Most recent Articles:

Film Review: Scream (2022)

The fifth instalment of the beloved 1996 meta-horror Scream was bound to be divisive. Personally, I wanted to love it but I...

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Fantasia Review: Agnes

This possession film (tries) to cater both to supernatural fans as it does for drama/horror fans. Co-written by John Selvidge and director...

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Fantasia Review: King Car

This Brazilian horror was directed by Renata Pinheiro and co-written by Pinheiro, Sergio Oliveira and Leo Pyrata. Pinheiro has written documentaries, short...

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Fantasia Review: #Blue_Whale

Written and directed by Anna Zaytseva, this Russian horror/thriller tells a story of a young woman, Dana (Anna Potebnya), who decides to...

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