Writing team: Ed Hartland

Ed is an actor and writer hailing from one of the only known gateways to hell: the London suburbs.

As well as writing for LHS, he’s co-presenter of the Hermanos of Horror podcast and writer of horror-comedy When the Screaming Starts (currently in post-production).

Check out Ed’s work with the Hermanos Of Horror here, and keep up to date with his film’s progress through the official Twitter account

Ed’s Favourite horror film: Scream (although it was a hard battle between this, The Exorcist and Get Out)

ED's Most recent Articles:

Film Review: Bloody Hell

Bloody Hell…where to begin? Army-vet Rex (Ben O’Toole) foils a bank robbery—the scale of his actions resulting in a jail sentence and...

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Top 5 Fan Horror Films

I’ve never really been a fan of Friday the 13th—I know, I know, blasphemy, but there it is. I enjoy the original...

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Short Film Review: Eject

In a recent study measuring the heartrate of viewers while watching horror films, Sinister came out on top. It’s an interesting way...

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The Evil Dead

We have dentists to thank for the The Evil Dead franchise. Bruce Campbell, journeyman actor and B-movie stalwart, talks about this in...

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