Writing team: todd feely

Grandson of choreographer, author and theatrical impresario, Lillian Rowley, he was a low-level child star, appearing onstage and in films, radio and television.

He went to Chelsea School of Art back in the Eighties when art schools were cool.

In the early Nineties, he wrote fantasy-horror novel, Reign Dance and No Free Ride for cult British comic, 2000AD.

Between 1994 and 2015, he variously wrote / produced / directed and acted in five no-budget independent films: horror B-movie, Blood Hunt, suspense thriller, The Progeny, supernatural chiller The Darkening, sex comedy As Gorgeous As and horror short Fox Watcher.

Currently, Todd is (in no particular order) an accountant, gamer, martial artist, foodie, horror-blogger, writer, musician, and director.

He is married with cats and lives just outside London.

You can find Todd on Twitter: @Toddhorse and check out his blog: Screams Can Come True

Todd’s Favourite Horror Film: Hellraiser

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