August: Our Most Respected & Impressive Films

Horror Films

There may only be one week left of August, however, it’s an exciting one as Film4’s FrightFest starts on the 27th and will be showcasing the most exciting new horror films from all over the world. If like me, you’re going to be missing out on all the frightening fun, then you’re going to want something to take your mind off of it…

This week we’ll be exploring our most respected and impressive films as this is apparently the meaning of August, so why not. It’s not easy being the person missing out on all the horror fun, but we hope this week’s films, including everything from foreign horror such as TrollHunter to American hit franchise Scream to some truly nasty indie films like Headless, will numb the pangs of macabre melancholy.

Take pleasure in this indulgent week of only films that we deem decent & let us know what film/director/actor has your utmost respect or has impressed you the most.

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