Bad Acid Hits Amazon Instant Video

Following on from our news about Silently Within Your Shadow last week, we’re now delighted to announce that another LHS favourite, Bad Acid, has will also officially launch on Amazon Instant Video today!

Bad Acid

This short film by David Chaudoir was acquired by Amazon Instant Video after it won a competition held by the Promax film festival. It has also been present at some highly coveted festivals, such as The London Short Film Festival, and other more far-flung in the US and Canada.

The story follows Marvin Maskelyn: a washed up TV hypnotist whose fame and fortune has run out.

After losing his, he acquires a genie lamp with a chequered past and some LSD blotters within. With nothing left to lose, he takes one.

Maskelyn’s visions of success are haunted by a malevolent presence. A wry, dark fantasy on the price of fame.

Bad Acid is a love-letter to the British horror films of Amicus, Hammer and Tyburn.

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