Introducing Bastard Son: Murderborn

Bastard Son - MurderbornAttention all comic book fans!  We wanted to take this opportunity to introduce you to one of the most exciting new animated projects that we’ve been introduced to from across the pond. Bastard Son – Murderborn is currently crowdfunding in order to help spread the love, and we’re happy to help do that too.

The wonderful Evil Queen B was lucky enough to spend some time with the comic’s writer, Frank T. Allen, who was kind enough to answer a few questions:

How did Bastard Son: Murderborn all come about?

I’ve always been a big fan of horror in general, but I was watching a slasher movie one night and I thought it would be interesting to see more character development from the killer’s point of view. Granted, most of the time, a slasher movie isn’t about character development, it’s about gruesome kills and the final girl. With ‘Bastard Son: Murderborn’, I really wanted to turn things on their head and show a story from a different perspective.

With most slasher icons, they are either out for revenge, crazy or just plain evil. I wanted to go deeper than that and add a new dimension to the genre, whilst at the same time throwing in a few of the horror tropes I’ve always enjoyed. I was lucky enough to find Marco Fontanili, (whose artwork I thought and still think is brilliant), who shared my love of horror and we got to work collaborating on the book.

How long did it take you to complete the comic?

From the time I first came up with the general concept of the comic, to the point the final page got lettered, I’d say about 16 months.

What will the success of your Kickstarter do for the comic?

Bastard Son - Murderborn 2Kickstarter will allow me to get our book out to a wider audience of horror and comic fans and hopefully enable us to do more. I have a ton of ideas about where to take the book and characters next. Speaking of characters, I’ve got a few in mind that will up the crazy levels even more! I know that Marco is very keen to progress with the story, too. ‘Bastard Son: Murderborn’ is our baby and we are very proud of it.

Additionally, trying to get a foothold in the comic industry is incredibly difficult as a writer, (and not much easier as an artist, from what I hear). The small amount of feedback I’ve already had has been extremely encouraging. Simply put, the more successful the Kickstarter campaign is, the better I’ll be able to share more stories with you all.

Are there any future comics you have in the works?

Oh yeah, loads! I’ve been working on a long-time modern Western-themed book with an occult twist, with outstanding artist Asela De Silva for a while now. He’s a busy guy, though, so we are just chipping away at it. I believe there is also a comic in the pipeline, based on a script I wrote for Champion City Comics entitled ‘Day 165’. It’s a supernatural war story, that originates from a concept devised by Tony Doug Wright. On top of that, I have more scripts and ideas than I have artists to work with, so if any of your readers are artists and might be interested in a collaboration, send them my way!

In terms of projects I’m currently working on, I’m a child of the 80s, so a lot of my influences stem from there. I have several horror shorts that I want to turn into an anthology, not to mention other genres, ranging from sci-fi, to action, to a fairy tale set in space. I’m also writing a screenplay for a horror/thriller.

I don’t have much of a social life.

What have been some of your biggest rewards and challenges when bringing Bastard Son: Murderborn to life?

Rewards, I would have to say working with my team. Marco and Taylor have just been such great guys to work with. Marco is incredibly passionate about his work and it shows. I always look forward to receiving a new page from him and our late night Facebook chats on the most interesting ways to dismember someone. I think we are mutually bad influences. Taylor is an outstanding letterer and easily one of the most tolerant men I have ever met. I mean, he has to put up with me stressing out and making my words look good on the page! I see far too many ego-driven hissy-fits on social media nowadays, in terms of people arguing who is most important in a comic creative team. It bores the hell out of me.

The way I see it, a truly great book is always the product of a solid collaboration between everyone involved in it’s production. No exceptions. I’m extremely proud to have produced this book alongside such talented individuals. Hopefully, the readers will appreciate it too. It genuinely makes my day when I hear that someone has enjoyed my work. It makes all the effort worthwhile.

In terms of challenges, one of the things I touched on previously is getting people to notice you. I’ve been to conventions in the past and spoken to professionals about how I’m a writer and the amount of times I’ve got that, “Yeah, sure you are”, look, I can’t begin to tell you. You see a lot of Kickstarter campaigns for graphic novels from established pros with pretty high financial goals. That’s fine, they want to get paid for it, that’s their prerogative.

Our priority is to make it so people around the world can read our book. The goal is 100% to cover costs. That’s it. In the event it does make a small profit, that’ll be going right into the next issue, (which I’ve already started drafting).

Aside from that, it’s just the usual challenges of being obsessive, trying to make sure I don’t stress my girlfriend out so much that she leaves me for a man with a more practical job and preventing my cat from editing my script with her frequent moonwalks across my keyboard.

Check out the Kickstarter page for Bastard Son, Murderborn here.

By Evil Queen B (@HorrorEvilQueen)

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