Book Review: 21st Century British Horror Films Vol.1

In his books 21st Century British Horror Films Vol.1: Dog Soldiers and Doghouses (2000-2011), author MJ Simpson does every horror fan, scholar, critic, enthusiast a huge favour.

He unearths some “long dead” British horror films and put them on the horror map alongside more mainstream ones such as Danny Boyle’s 2002 zombie film 28 Days Later and Edgar Wright’s 2004 masterpiece Shaun of the Dead.

Dog Soldiers and Doghouses is the first volume of a three-book endeavour, mapping out and cataloguing British horror cinema since 2000, a period that has seen upwards of 1000 feature-length films.

The first volume takes over the period between January 2000 and December 2011, and contains 316 reviews wherein Simpson gives his personal opinion about each film, cast/crew details, production history and release data.

The language used throughout this book makes it accessible to everyone – it is not strictly academic, but rather quite humorous as Simpson does his best to describe, and to make sense of, some of the most obscure British horror films around.

Being a horror fan I was chuffed to get my hands on this book and dip into it. The amount of valuable information inside is astounding and it is a shame that it isn’t getting a wide distribution. I could definitely see film students and scholars picking up a copy to check details or even just to compile a list of films to watch.

This book is indeed an incredible asset for British horror history.

21st Century British Horror Films Vol.1: Dog Soldiers and Doghouses (2000-2011) is a limited edition publication and it is available exclusively online at the author’s online shop.

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