All Fall Down: Live Horror In London!


We have two tickets (worth nearly £50) to give away to London’s newest interactive horror experience, ALL FALL DOWN.

To be in with a chance of winning, all you need to do is simply share this post on either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.  One lucky winner will be selected at random after the competition closes on Monday, 28th May at 11pm, and the tickets will be for either Friday 1st, or Saturday 2nd June.

All fall down

Brace yourself to experience ALL FALL DOWN, a unique and unforgettable interactive horror performance.

Enter a world of shadows and phantoms, where nothing is as it seems and reality erodes away into a nightmare.

Stress has a remarkable effect on the human mind. We may call it a negative feeling, but from extraordinary pressures come extraordinary things. Under strain, a mind can be pushed beyond its limits and produce states it never would have reached otherwise.

Especially the mind of a traumatised young woman.

Older people have caged their demons and trained their monsters. But they prowl tall and wild in the mind of the young, fuelled by inexperience, empowered by vulnerability and fed by fear.

What if the stress of a terrible situation let loose their imagination, spilling out into the real world?

You receive a desperate plea, begging you to help a lost girl find her way out of the woods.

But once you arrive, you discover these woods are populated by strange figures from a dark fairytale, all of them luring you deeper into the shadows.

You meet others lost there also, people just like you, but some of them have been there a long time.

Far, far too long.

So long, that it makes you worry whether you will ever find your way out again…

Featuring an original and uniquely adaptive script from an award winning writer and outstanding cast, ALL FALL DOWN is a unique experience not to be missed!

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