East London Film Festival – The Masonic Temple

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This week is a big one for horror-based film festivals.  Tickets for the London leg of the UK’s largest – Frightfest of course – go on Sale on Saturday, 4th July at 12:00pm.

The full line-up of films is released on the 2nd July. Weekend/Day passes are only available online, and they do tend to go pretty quickly.  For more information, check out the Frightfest website.  

However, before the annual August mayhem, we think you might enjoy some of the screenings that are scheduled as part of the East End Film Festival – particularly the Masonic Temple Sessions.

Set in the temple at the Andaz Hotel (just a stone’s throw from London Liverpool Street station), there will be a variety of screenings with an underlying theme of murder and mind control.  

Here’s what the organisers say:

Descend into the eerie confines of a masonic temple for this devilishly unsettling combination of screenings and events: taking you from murder and mayhem into the sinister sinews of the brainwashed and their puppet-masters…

This all takes place on Saturday 4th, and Sunday 5th July.  Particular highlights for us include a 16mm screening of the iconic 1956 edition of Invasion Of The Body Snatchers, and Tatsuya Mori’s excellent A.

Tickets are available now, from the East End Film Festival Website. We’ll hopefully see you there!  

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