Echoes Of The Passed: Trailer Released

Last night saw the highly anticipated release of the first trailer for Echoes Of The Passed.  

You might remember the huge success that Crossroad Pictures, the team behind this dark and chilling short film, had in their Indigogo campaign, raising far and beyond the initial target.  And it certainly looks like it’s been money well spent…

Enter the dark and decrepit mansion that houses a sinister secret yet to be exposed by the investigation conducted by Professor Ian Noughton, his no-shit-taking assistant Liz along with paranormal tweedle dee & tweedle dum Fred and Frank. As they prepare to unearth the mysteries behind the madness, they’re confronted by horror sooner than they had expected.

Whilst there is no official release date yet, we fully expect it to hit the festival circuit around the back end of summer.  So keep your eyes peeled!  And if you want to check out director Scott Lyus’ previous work, then you can catch Silently Within Your Shadow on Amazon Instant Video now.