Egomaniac: Out today on iTunes!

We’re delighted to announce that one of our favourite British indie horror films of the last couple of years, Egomaniac, is now available to rent or buy on iTunes!

Kate Shenton’s Egomaniac has been the toast of reviewers everywhere, since its hugely successful premiere at last year’s Frightfest film festival in London.

To get into the spirit of the celebrations, our very own Natasha Shenton (no relation!!) has given us her thoughts too.  Please do check this out as soon as you can, and support British horror!

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Film Review: Egomaniac

Egomaniac Image

A budget zombie romcom? Was this going to be a discount copy of Warm Bodies (don’t get me started on that little gem)? I really wasn’t sure.

Thankfully, Egomaniac is neither cheap nor disappoint.  Egomaniac is everything you want from a tongue-in-cheek horror. It’s smart without taking itself too seriously, the humour is bleak while genuinely laugh-out-loud, and it ends with a bang that packs a gore-filled punch.

The film follows Catherine Sweeney, a writer and director who is set on bringing her zombie romantic comedy horror to the big screen. The mockumentary-style film opens where it ends, and it is very clear that this has not been an easy journey for cast and crew.

Catherine’s wide, staring eyes and hysterical exclamations that she ‘did it’… she finished the film, primes the viewer for what comes next. Forced to choose between her budget and creative ideals (taking dogs sell, right?), Catherine starts to question how far she will go to make the film she really wants.


It’s pretty clear that Egomaniac is steeped in the real-life experiences of Kate Shenton’s own career, many of the situations and people that Catherine encounters along the way are far too bizarre and cringe worthy for it to be entirely fiction. Kate is only too happy to tell you this herself, but will leave it to you to decide what aspects were based on reality, and what is purely fantasy. This is most definitely part of the fun of the film.

Egomaniac is rich in characters cast extremely well, but special mention has to go to Adam Rhys-Davies who plays Nathan; the love to hate, cheap, slime ball producer full of empty promises and incredibly bad ideas. Nathan is very much the vehicle for much of Kate’s satirical commentary on how women in film, in particular horror, are often considered. Adam really does Kate’s writing justice and is the perfect foil to Nic Lamont’s Catherine.

Nic’s comedic timing and confident handling of Catherine truly makes her a strong and sympathetic lead. She really brings out the intense desperation in Catherine, while maintaining a likability that can often be difficult to do. When her character finally snaps and tips over the edge, Nic gleefully lets go and really shows us how far Catherine has fallen, which was entirely enjoyable watch.

Egomaniac is a classic British comedy horror, that is not only a cracking film but a great example of how far creativity, imagination, talent and hard work will get you. You don’t need a big budget or a famous producer to make the film you want. Egomaniac is well worth your time, so please do check it out on iTunes. I’d also keep an eye out for Kate’s next project, Bloody Burrito. I mean… who doesn’t want lesbian cannibals in a Mexican restaurant!?

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