Experience Review: Mysterious Mail

Mysterious Mail is a series of physical mail posts that contain intriguing documents, artefacts and media that, when pieced together, tell a remarkable tale. We nominated one of our reviewers to become the latest recipient…

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A peculiar black envelope with blood-red wax seal arrives to your door from a sender you don’t recognise – The Archive of Unsolved Mysteries.

Upon reading the enclosed letter, you are made aware that you’ve been nominated by an unnamed source to be the guardian of a small artefact owned by a doctor you’ve never met.

Your anonymity is most important, as it is vital that this man can never get his hands on this item again. The Archive has included in this package several documents (obtained illegally, it seems) pertaining to the doctor’s case. These will hopefully give you some enlightenment to the importance of keeping the artefact safe.

Mysterious Mail package

Although the case file sheds some light on what happened to the doctor, it creates more questions than answers.  Two further items of correspondence from the Archive will help to answer the mystery of the doctor and his priceless (and seemingly dangerous) artefact, which will soon be in your possession.

I don’t want to give too much away, as that would spoil the fun. But, reading through the case file and having the mystery slowly unravel as I received the posts through the mail was a lot of fun. From the photocopied police documents, to the ‘handwritten’ notes from the doctor, everything was created in such a way that it really engrossed me into the story.

The second letter directed me to a site which had uploaded video footage and phone messages for me to examine. An added bonus, as I was only expecting written evidence.

From these, I had a pretty good idea of what this mystery was all about and the fate of our doctor friend, but there is a final twist which was revealed in the last communication from the Archive.

Mysterious Mail would make a great gift for someone who enjoys mysterious crimes mixed with a touch of the supernatural – even better if they aren’t expecting it at all! Perhaps even more so now in these unusual times of being stuck inside, the solving and unravelling of a cryptic tale makes a great way to break up the everyday indoor activities that we’re succumbed to…

By Jennifer Dale Apel

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