My Favourite TV Horror Show of 2016

TV Horror: Scream
I think we can all agree that Wes Craven was one of the true masters of horror. His vision and expertise gave us such delights as The Hills Have Eyes, The Last House on the Left and Shocker; brutal villains including Freddy Krueger (my absolute fave), Krug and Mars; and everlasting franchises A Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream.

In my opinion, some of his best pieces are the Scream films (except the 3rd one), and, as part of the new TV horror series boom, we have been given another little gem in the form of the Scream TV series.

It loosely follows in the footsteps of the original storylines: a masked killer singles out one girl, bumping off her friends and tormenting her via the phone before the dramatic reveal. I was sceptical at first, after all why would you mess with the original? But I have to say, I loved it. And you should love it too. Here’s why:

The Friends


As expected, there is a core group of friends who we follow throughout the series (although *spoiler alert* some are inevitably bumped off).

The main character, Emma (AKA Sydney), is actually my least favourite. She’s fine, it’s just… she’s not Neve Campbell. It’s Brooke who I like the most (AKA Tatum). She is flawed and vulnerable, beautiful and delicate. She’s like a little china doll – handle with care!

The rest of the group is made up of the usual teen horror cast. The nerd, the jock, the outsider, the lesbian, the boyfriend, etc. Some are better actors than others but you can see they’re all having a great time. This makes the series even more enjoyable to watch.

Film Titles For Each Episode

I love that each episode title is the title of a different horror film. My favourites include Village of the Damned, Jeepers Creepers and Vacancy. This is a neat little nod to the world of horror and the titles relate to the action within a particular episode.

New Mask


Now, like many I’m sure, I absolutely hated the new mask when I first saw it. It looks nothing like the original and I couldn’t see how this related to the original franchise at all. However, I quickly got used to it, and actually realised that this was a smart decision. This series is linked to the Scream films but it is more of a nod than a like-for-like copy, just like the fab new The Exorcist TV series.

Some Imaginative Killings


The first series contained a tonne of murders by the masked maniac, but the majority were a bit dull. However one of them, which involved farm machinery, was insanely good and was actually one of the reasons I continued onto season 2. And it’s a good job I did as the killings are dramatically better, well thought out and executed. Not to mention downright mean sometimes.

From Strength To Strength


The first series was admittedly a little weak.  The characters hadn’t been particularly well developed, the killings were for the majority boring and the whole story seemed to drag. But as the series has developed, the action, the characters and the story arc have got me hooked.

I was on tenterhooks waiting to hear whether a 3rd season had been commissioned, and I’m ecstatic to report that we will indeed re-join these characters as, once again, they are pursued, chased, tormented and (probably) killed by another/the same masked killer. Good stuff.

By Catherine Dunn (@toodamncat)

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