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Danse Macabre have started a free script reading service

Are you a theatre writer with a horror script? Do you have a rough first draft that you want to improve or a final draft that you’re ready to share with the world? Danse Macabre wants to read it!

By engaging with your scripts, Danse Macabre are hoping to start conversations with exciting new writers and encouraging them to see their stories through from script to stage.

Find out more here

When you send your script it will be read by both artistic directors of Danse Macabre and you’ll receive the following:

  • A short paragraph summarising their general impressions.

  • A page of written feedback discussing the finer details.

  • Recommendations for any plays, films, books etc. that may offer inspiration.

Find out more about submitting here


Who are Danse Macabre?

Joe Kelly (2).jpgJoseph Kelley

“Joe is a truly fantastic script reader. He has an innate understanding of storytelling and has delivered clear notes for us in a manner that complements our collaborative approach. Any writer would benefit hugely from Joe’s input.” – Phoebe Simmonds, Co-artistic director of Limerence Productions



Sam.jpgSam Essme

“Sam Essame and Danse Macabre are the rarest of beasts. Genuinely scary masters of horror writing. Just ask our audiences who have been lucky enough, or perhaps unlucky enough, to experience their unsettling work first hand.” – Mike Carter, Literary Manager of The Space




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