The Super follows Phil Lodge (John Flueger), a former cop who is forced to take a jobThe Super film poster as a superintendent in an exclusive Manhattan high-rise apartment building after the death of his wife.

He soon notices the tenants disappearing at an alarming rate. Fearing a sadistic murderer may be roaming the corridors, his prime suspect is the building’s foreboding maintenance man, Walter (Val Kilmer).

Although Walter readily provides Phil with disturbing advice, he must decide whether Walter is trying to throw him off the scent.

As it soon becomes clear that every resident has something to hide, is Phil right to trust a stranger with a key to his front door?

Kilmer’s latest film is a creepy, bloody descent into madness. Directed by Stephan Rick and produced by Dick Wolf (Law & Order), The Super forces you to question how much you ever really know someone and who you can really trust.

Phil is awoken“Beautiful dreamer, awake unto me…”

I enjoyed The Super. As I started watching it reminded me of The Toolbox Murders, but it soon goes down a very different path.

Presented by Strike Media and The Movie Partnership, the film contains themes of loss, betrayal bereavement, jealousy and guilt.

The plot line does have a couple of holes and I found some scenes to be edited rather strangely, meaning I felt like it jumped around too much, and I had missed a vital piece of information.

“No daddy. We’re just getting started.”

As I started watching, I was confused about some of the characters’ behaviour and relationships, but it all comes to fruition.

The performances are mostly good and accomplished with only a few ropey moments. Kilmer’s superintendent is suitably creepy, although he probably takes it a little too far. Phil’s young daughters are excellent actresses and are believable in their peril.

The soundtrack is haunting with a choral-style singing that sends a shiver up your spine.

There are some very good deaths, involve an assortment of weapons, including a Stanley knife, hammer, screwdriver, and even pencils! It becomes a bit of a bloodbath (which is a good thing, obviously).

Violet finds Walter's shrineOverall, The Super is a good story with a variety of dodgy characters, lots of blood and a huge twist that ensures you need to watch it at least twice.

The Super is available for digital download from Monday 22 October 2018.

Watch the trailer.

By Cat Dunn

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