Horror at the Open City Documentary Festival

As part of this year’s Open City Documentary Festival, Dead Slow Ahead and Depth Two will be screened in London.

Both documentaries reflect the dark reality of the word we live in. Dead Slow Ahead is a multi-award-winning horror documentary, directed by the Spanish filmmaker Mauro Herce.  It focuses on the dystopian existence of the men at sea. Depth Two is a real war crime story, investigating the discovery of the truck filled with bodies in Danube river on the Serbian-Romanian border.

Here’s a little more information on both:

Dead Slow Ahead

Open City Documentary Festival - 1

Spain, 2015, 74 min. Screening 26 June. Dir. Mauro Herce.

An enormous shipping freighter called Fair Lady drifts aimlessly across the desolate waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Beneath the grinding, brutal machinery and bruised ocean skies, the ship’s anonymous crew toil tirelessly to keep the ship on course. They could be lost, men adrift, or perhaps the last vestiges of a doomed species. Part dystopian sci-fi, part documentary tone poem, Dead Slow Ahead is a hypnotic, immersive one of a kind cinematic experience.

More info: http://opencitylondon.com/films/dead-slow-ahead

Depth Two

Open City Documentary Festival - Doc 2


Serbia/France, 2016. 80 mins. Screening 26 June. Dir. Ognjen Glavonic.

Depth Two is a documentary thriller investigating the discovery of a truck filled with corpses in Danube river on the Serbian-Romanian border. Seventeen years ago, NATO governments launched air-strikes against the regime of Slobodan Milošević in Belgrade. Ognjen Glavonić’s film reminds us just what kind of regime Milošević’s was. Glavonić uses voiceover victim testimony from the ICTY trials and a confession over a series of tableaux of the Serbian countryside to reinstate the horror that unfolded as Milošević clung with increasing desperation to power.

More info: http://opencitylondon.com/films/depth-two

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