Introducing: Awakened Spirits of the Walls & Beyond

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Like many events this spooky season, the ever popular Derry Halloween Festival has had to make some adjustments to their normal routine.

To help celebrate Samhain in a socially distanced manner, MorePies podcast  have created a trail of ghost stories that centre around the city of Derry.

Six stories in total tell a haunted and spooky version of the history that happened within Derry’s gates – a hangman is haunted by the ghosts of those he put to death; a local pub is inhabited by the spirit of a young woman whose life was cut short.

If you aren’t near Derry, have no fear!  These stories are just as enjoyable as you’re sat on your sofa at home.

For those of you who are lucky enough to be able to experience the immersive elements, they’ve set up QR codes at 6 points around the city. Each location tells a local horror story for you, and offers a brand new way to take in the city sights.

The trail will take you to Magazine Gate, Castle Bar at Castle Gate, St. Columb’s Well, St. Columb’s Cathedral, Playhouse Theatre, and St. Columb’s Hall.

The stories are now live and are available across streaming services like Spotify.


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