Introducing: Edred, The Vampyre

From David Pinner, the prolific and celebrated author of Ritual, the novel that inspired the great Gothic cult movie, The Wicker Man, comes Edred, The Vampyre, which receives its world premiere at The London Horror Festival.

Edred is a thousand-year-old bisexual Anglo-Saxon vampire, who slept with Shakespeare but never bit him.

Breaking all of Bram Stoker’s vampire laws, Edred loves garlic and crucifixes, and resides in a village church where he is one day confronted by two vampire-hunting gap year students, who help him to explore a millennium of world history.

Yet the surface action belies the true realities of the situation. As Pinner says: ‘Things are rarely what they seem’, and here nothing is. 

Combining ironic humour with mystery, suspense and insidious menace, Edred, The Vampyre is by turns startling, haunting, and revelatory.

“Pinner’s fine contribution to Gothic literature is very considerable” 

“In the wonderful alembic of Pinner’s imagination, horror keeps coming back, but not just to scare or haunt us with the prospect of pain or oblivion… but to force us to face those hidden aspects of our personalities, which comprise our nightmares.”David Annwn, poet, critic & playwright

Edred is directed by Anthony Shrubsall, produced by Sarah Lawrie. You can follow along on Twitter at @VampireEdred and @La_Lawrie

A Modern Vampire Classic is Born 

David Pinner is the stuff of Gothic legend.

Edred, The Vampyre author David Pinner

Author of Ritual – the 1967 novel that inspired great cult movie The Wicker Man following an auspicious lunch with Christopher Lee – David Pinner’s plays have been performed internationally, in both London’s West End and on Broadway, including Fanghorn starring Glenda Jackson.

In this, the world premiere of his play Edred, The Vampyre, the team unleash a modern classic on an unsuspecting 21st Century audience, and warmly invite you to be part of this exclusive theatrical (ad)venture.

They are raising £4,000 to mount David Pinner’s latest contribution to the Gothic world.

They are committed to supporting their entire creative and technical teams and to creating a landmark piece of theatre; for this, they need your help!

And as a result, they’re offering some truly fan(g)tastic perks 

  • Personally signed books and memorabilia from David’s back catalogue
  • Invitations to numerous events, including a night of readings/Q&A with David on Wednesday 18th September and our V.I.P. launch party on Wednesday 9th October, as well as the chance to dine or Skype with David.
  • And not to mention boundless gratitude in our programme and on social media, by means of a specially commissioned virtual vampire bite GIF!

The Impact

By investing in the world premiere of Edred, The Vampyre at the Old Red Lion theatre, you will be part of contemporary horror history; fifty years since Ritual inspired one of the greatest cult classics in British cinema.

With your help, they will create a great leap forward in the Gothic world of theatre and cinema. On the back of the inaugural run at The Old Red Lion this Hallowe’en, the team intend to tour the show internationally. bringing David Pinner’s work to an even wider modern audience.

And even further down the line, EDRED, THE VAMPYRE: THE MOVIE may become a reality!

You can grab yourself a ticket to the show at The London Horror Festival by clicking here.

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