Introducing: Esoteric Voyage Podcast

Are you passionate about the paranormal and excited for the unexplained? Then The London Horror Society’s Chris Stagg has something for you!

EVP – Esoteric Voyage Podcast – is a new weekly paranormal show presented by Chris, along with writer and witchcraft connoisseur Kara Jordan. Each week Kara and Chris discuss a featured paranormal topic and take a look at listener stories, the world’s weird news, and potential otherworldly video and photographic evidence – featuring ghosts, cryptids, UFO’s, and more.

In episode 5, Kara and Chris have a discussion about the most violent Poltergeist in Britain; the so-called Black Monk of Pontefract at 30 East Drive and examine some fascinating evidence. Is that photograph really showing the Monk himself?

The latest episode of Evie Podcast features the first personal paranormal investigation. Miss Spooky Kara Jordan talks through her experiences, and some of the incredible evidence she found, while exploring the Kelvedon Hatch Secret Nuclear Bunker.

Chris and Kara are also really excited to hear about any unexplained stories you may have. So, if you have a real-life paranormal experience that you would like discussed on the show, please email them at

Be sure to follow Esoteric Voyage Podcast on Twitter, as well as Chris and Kara, to keep up to date with new episodes and news about the paranormal.

EVP is available on your favourite podcast platforms – listen on Spotify here.

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