Introducing: Forbidden Forest Cinema

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The Forbidden Forest Cinema – Halloween Horror Screenings from Pop Up Screens 

The gloriously grotesque filled season of Halloween is creeping up on us! Hell, for some of us, it’s been here since the clock struck midnight to bring on September.

This is like Christmas for us horror fans and, among the plastic skeletons and rubber bats, there’s tonnes of horror film screenings popping up.

If you’re looking for something a bit different for your Halloween movie setting, check out The Forbidden Forrest Cinema from Pop Up Screens.

Forbidden Forrest Cinema logo with Freddy Kruger

To take your seats, you must brave your way through a forbidden forest before discovering an eerie woodland cinema – the perfect setting for a horror film.

Like, you can basically watch The Blair Witch Project in the woods – except, unlike that trio, you’ll actually survive the night. (sorry, spoiler)

This immersive horror event runs from the 23rd of October until 15th November and will screen everything from classics like A Nightmare on Elm Street to modern favourites, including Doctor Sleep. There’s even Hocus Pocus , among other family-friendly ones, thrown in, too.

You can book your tickets from the Forbidden Forrest site.


All screenings are on our event calendar, but here is the full horror line-up:

Friday 23 October – 7:30pm – A Nightmare on Elm Street

Saturday 24 October – 4pm – The Lost Boys; 7:30pm – The Blair Witch Project

Sunday 25 October – 4pm – Labyrinth (family friendly); 7:30pm – Us

Monday 26 October – 7:30pm – The Sixth Sense

Tuesday 27 October – 7:30pm – Get Out

Wednesday 28 October – 7:30pm – The Invisible Man

Thursday 29 October – 7:30pm – A Nightmare on Elm Street

Friday 30 October – 7:30pm – Scream

Saturday 31 October – 4pm – The Craft; 7:30pm – It

Sunday 01 November – 4pm – Hocus Pocus (family friendly); 7:30pm – Beetlejuice

Monday 02 November – 7:30pm – The Blair Witch Project

Tuesday 03 November – 7:30pm – It

Wednesday 04 November – 7:30pm – The Shining

Thursday 05 November – 7:30pm Ghostbusters

Saturday 07 November – 4pm – Cabin in the Woods; 7:30pm – Hereditary

Sunday 08 November – 7:30pm – Seven

Wednesday 11 November – 7:30pm – From Dusk Till Dawn

Thursday 12 November – 7:30pm – Beetlejuice

Friday 13 November – 7:30pm – Friday 13th

Saturday 14 November – 7:30pm – A Nightmare on Elm Street

Sunday 15 November – 7:30pm – Doctor Sleep


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