Introducing: Horror Shop

The final month of summer is once again upon us.  And as always, this means great news for horror fans!  We can finally start to think about the array of film festivals on the way, and of course, all things Halloween.

Half the fun of a Halloween party is figuring out what to dress up as.  Then starts the long and drawn out process of hunting for that costume.  Most fancy dress shops cater for all costumes which is ok, but that always seems to leave the range a little thin for horror fans that want something specific.

But we have good news.  Introducing Horror Shop!


As the name might suggest, the key focus for this fancy dress and costume emporium is all things Horror.  They cater for other genres too, but it seems that there’s no doubt where their main market lies.

What we really love about The Horror Shop is the sheer range of costumes and ideas.

ClownYou can grab yourself an officially licensed outfit from the big-hitters such as Friday 13th & Halloween, all the way to the more niche tastes like Darkman and Killer Klowns From Outer Space. Please note however, if anyone dresses up as a “Klown”, you’re not getting in to my party.

There’s also a more general unbranded range of coats, capes, skirts, corsets etc, perfect if you’re looking to create something a little more bespoke.

Horror Shop has a huge make-up and special effects section too, where you can grab fake fingernails, fake tattoos, wigs, and of course, the essential vampire teeth & Blood!

HS3What we’re a huge fan of too is the really high quality stage make-up and latex items that they stock.  These are perfect not only for parties, but also for your own productions.  The range includes Latex, foam latex and the incredibly realistic gelatine wounds.

Finally, Horror Shop stocks a great supply of horror collectibles, ‘nerd toys’ and your more ‘every day’ sort of apparel. After all, nothing says ‘Happy Birthday’ to a horror fan more than a foot-high animatronic Freddy Krueger.

You can check out everything for yourself at  Here’s to one-stop Halloween shopping from now on!

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