Introducing: Nightmare Horror Adventures

Experience the haunted house story of Crafton Manor come to life in Nightmare Horror Adventures.

If you’re a fan of horror and board games, we’ve got great news for you!

The makers of ‘Escape Room: The Game’ have released Nightmare Horror Adventures, just in time for the spooky season

This brand new, experiential board game might just be the scariest ever made.

Nothing is what it seems… time is running out… you have this one chance to find the murderer… or die in the attempt…

You and your friends step into the roles of the five Crafton children, whose parents were killed in a grisly murder fifteen years ago.

Revisiting your childhood home for the first time, work as a team to explore forgotten rooms. Discover repressed memories and uncover the truth step-by-step.

While investigating the gruesome deaths of your parents, one of the team is secretly sabotaging the investigation and plotting to murder you.

Ideal for horror fans, gamers, mystery lovers, and fans of role-playing games, Nightmare Horror Adventures promises to entertain and terrify in equal measure.

Perfect for those chilly autumn evenings, this engaging and immersive game will provide hours of entertainment with genuine tension, scares and jumps.

Following online instructions on your laptop or device, players are led through the story and plunged into tense darkness to reveal long forgotten secrets.

Nightmare Horror Adventures is available now for £24.99 – suitable for ages 16+.

Check it out here

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