Introducing: Ruptured

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Written, Produced and Directed by James Mansell, the mind that brought you NightmARes is the new sci-fi short Ruptured.

Continuing his take on the horrors that can come from new mobile technology, Ruptured may leave you just a bit apprehensive about putting in those new ear buds, and perhaps double reading those terms and conditions before agreeing to anything…

Ruptured Synopsis


After her earphones break in a middle of a call, Kate thinks she’s out of luck – until she remembers that there’s a spare pair in her bag. Unfortunately, not all new shiny devices should be used…and inserted into our ears.

RUPTURED is an intense ride, starring Kate Soulsby (Zombie Women of Satan), into a devastating alternative future in which tech firm Mystic Sound have developed truly immersive earphones, but there’s a catch – once worn, it’ll be the last thing you voluntarily do. Be careful what you put so close to your brain, or it might not be yours for much longer.

Ruptured is available to view on the science-fiction platform DUST via their YouTube channel as well as their website.

By Jennifer Dale Apel

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