Introducing: Skulls and Spells

Artemisia’s Axe, an independent micro press based out of Glasgow, Scotland proudly announce their newest publication Skulls and Spells has launched on Kickstarter.

Gruesome tales of love and loss, the ghosts of witches long burned, and old gods seeking vengeance, Skulls and Spells is a brand new collection of horror fiction from the queer community.

An illustration out of Skulls and Spells.

The anthology publication brings together 21 creators, including artists, writers, and poets. Each creator has been inspired by the themes of ‘Queer Horror Magic’ to pen pieces of horror from their unique perspectives.

Of the horror genre and its relationship with the LGBTQI2SA+ community, Jinx Peregrine of Artemisia’s Axe said, “It is vitally important marginalized voices have a bigger place in the horror community because so often we are the subject of real life horrors. Horror for us is a cathartic way to express our frustration with the world at large, it is also a tool to bring conversations and actions about the well needed change our world needs.”

The Campaign

Marginalised creators often find their work passed over in mainstream publishing. As such Jinx and Jonas from Artemisia’s Axe feel it is incredibly important to not only lift up these voices, but support them and compensate them for their hard work. As such, a large portion of the funds raised through this Kickstarter campaign will be going towards increasing the compensation of their hard working creators.

An illustration out of Skulls and Spells.

Check out the campaign here

Pledges made towards the campaign give awesome rewards, including digital and print versions of Skulls and Spells, as well as limited edition versions of their earlier book, Neon Horror, colorful patches and stickers, and handmade plushies designed by Jonas.

There are also a limited number of ‘Early Bird’ Rewards available for an exclusive price. These rewards will only be available at this price to the first 40 backers, so be sure to grab one while you can!

About Artemisia’s Axe

Artemisia's Axe logo, the publishers of Skulls and Spells

Artemisia’s Axe is a  micro press publishing house based in Glasgow, Scotland. The joint creation of partnership Jinx Peregrine and Jonas Holt, they run a press specialising in horror and LGBTQI2SA+ representation and celebration. They are an openly queer, non-binary and neurodivergent run small business that endeavours to bolster diverse voices and representation in publishing. Their first publication, Neon Horror, was successfully funded via Crowdfunder in 2019 and was published to great praise in 2020. A percentage of the proceeds from this book was donated to Mermaids UK and The Tie Campaign for inclusive education.

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