Event: The Haunted Picture House

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hph-logo-red-modifiedIt’s been a good week here at LHS Towers. Not only have we finally got round to seeing the full version of Kung Fury (If you haven’t seen it already, do so), but also the delightful team at The Haunted Picture House decided to get in touch with us. And we’re so glad they did.

The Haunted Picture House, brainchild of horror illusionist Simon Drake – creator of the Channel 4 cult TV series ‘The Secret Cabaret’, is a year-round, bi-monthly spooky cinema event held in a lavish, decadent haunted house in Central London.

The location is a closely guarded secret that you only discover on ticket purchase. But what we do know is that they will be screening – in their own words – “utterly horrifying movies”. These will range from the well known classics as well as madly kitsch and hysterically strange relics from the vaults of Hammer Films.

Much like any other horror-centric cinema then, I hear you say. Well, yeah. Kinda. But where these guys are slightly different lies in the venue.

You arrive at their secret Southwark location, and first of all venture through the curiously eerie garden, as atmospheric sounds entice you through the gloomy, swirling mist and ivy covered crypts.

As you enter the Gothic, candlelit splendour, the aptly-dressed barkeep will serve you themed shots from the bar to settle your nerves. (Don’t worry. You can also pick up more traditional cinema-based snacks – they’re not monsters you know…)

Next you’ll take a trip into the crypt that’s hosted by two enticing, lascivious vampires. And, if you so wish, you can even have your fortune told by a Clairvoyant. Then, finally, you’re taken to the “drawing room” to explore their curated horror antiquities, including an actual skeleton used in “Raiders Of The Lost Ark”. How very “Indie” (I’m so, so sorry).

The first screening takes place on the 6th June, with the next already slated for the 20th. Dressing up at each event is actively encouraged, which brings more comparisons to the much-talked about “Secret Cinema”. However, we’re pleased to say that while The Haunted Picture House is certainly an immersive experience, it doesn’t carry the mind-blowing price tag that the former might.

They do, however, have to limit the number of tickets per event. So if you fancy checking it out then I suggest you do so quickly. Check out their website here for more information. Hopefully you can join them! We’ll of course keep you updated on how it turns out.