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Welcome to Britannia. Together We Stand Alone

Transmission is a new short written and directed by Varun Raman & Tom Hancock, a writing and directing duo from Bristol.

It follows protagonist, Leonard (Michael Shon) who is being held hostage in a bunker by well-dressed oddball, Dr. Sam (James Hyland).

Leonard is subjected to a series of strange and brutal assaults, during which he escapes into his own mind to find happier memories, specifically his love, Joan (Kelby Keenan).

THE RIGHT DECISIONTransmission is a beautifully shot psychodrama that has you asking dozens of questions, which are never answered.

The performances are superb, particularly Shon who doesn’t utter a single word. His facial expressions and body language beautifully encapsulating a man who is suffering terribly but is desperate to find redemption.

The Day The Canary Stopped Singing

Each shot is clear, focused and full of expression. The film manages to capture the depressive bunker in which Leonard faces his daily torture and the exquisite beauty of the woods and lake to which he longs to escape.

The soundtrack flits from the oddly uplifting Rodetzky March, Op. 228 (you will recognise upon the first few notes) to dark and twisted synth and electronic sounds.

The whole thing makes you feel disorientated, but you are so hypnotised, you cannot look away.

NOT GOING ANYWHERE JUST YETShot on 35mm film, Transmission premiered at Fantasia and has since been played at 90 festivals.

It is also performing well on the genre circuit, including BIFFF, L’Etrange, Horrible Imaginings, FilmQuest, Twin Peaks UK Festival and Rhode Island Flickers (Vortex).

Transmission has already picked up 12 awards, including the Special Jury Award (Science Fiction) at Worldfest Houston and The Film Empire’s Diversity Mentorship Contest.

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By Cat Dunn

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