Kobal Productions

Kobal Productions is the dedicated production arm of The London Horror Society.

‘Kobal’  (KŌ-bäl) 

Part of the original 10 demon races, Kobal is in charge of entertainment in hell as stage manager  — The Demon of mockery and dark humour.

He insights fear and insanity. He will torment with vigour, leading to the slow manifestation of maniacal lunacy.

A staple of the UK indie horror community, The London Horror Society have long provided support for filmmakers – from simply sharing news and reviewing new projects, to linking them with co-collaborators.

We have also produced and co-produced our own projects, including short films like Echoes of The Passed and Black Mass, along with the smash-hit horror panel quiz show What’s The Bloody Question?

The formation of Kobal, however, will allow for a more regular flow of new content, and more formal collaborations with other individual producers and production companies.  It will also help us provide better support and networking opportunities for budding filmmakers and screenwriters.  

Current Projects

WALKING AGAINST THE RAIN is the first feature film from acclaimed director Scott Lyus.

It follows two young adults across this newly-barren landscape in a desperate attempt to find each other. Their only form of communication is two soon-to-die battery operated walkie-talkies…

It takes place 6 months after an apocalypse-level plague with no obvious origin, which has stripped the world of everything we once held dear.

The film promises to be Lyus’ most ambitious project to date, creating a whole new army of evil known only as THE FORSAKEN…

THE UNRATED CUT will be hosted by Chris Nials (Founder of The London Horror Society) and Zoe-Rose Smith (creator of the hugely popular horror blog Zobo With A Shotgun). 

Each episode will focus on a notorious extreme horror film, with the hosts discussing their merits… if any!

The show will begin recording later this month, with the first episode to air on the London Horror Society’s dedicated YouTube channel, LHS TV, shortly after.  It will also be released in podcast format.  

If you have any questions about any of our upcoming projects, please email us at Kobal@londonhorrorsociety.co.uk