Lola’s 3 Favourite Christmas Horror Classics

With the holiday season quickly approaching, I considered it a duty as a horror fan to share my advice on what to watch to keep you going, hopefully preventing any The Shining inspired attempts to commit murder… We’ve all experienced the slow slide from sanity that can happen at this time of the year, and I don’t want to hear about any of your own, ‘home-made’ Christmas horror incidents…

Christmas Horror - The Children

Regardless of what holiday you celebrate, I have chosen 3 Christmas horror classics to help you through whether it’s to avoid the family, the staff party or just to release some of that festive tension.

In no particular order…

Krampus (2015)

Long anticipated by yours truly, Krampus did nothing to disappoint, and served to prove that director Michael Dougherty ( Trick ‘r Treat) is a dab hand with this here horror thing.

Featuring class actors known best for their comedy such as Toni Collette, Conchata Ferrell and Adam Scott, we see funny, festive family clashes turn into something much worse. With creepy creatures and characters you love to dislike, this old tale of Santa’s sinister opposite really comes to life.

This is the right choice when the family are stressing you out. Whether you watch it with them is up to you.

Black Christmas (1974)

The original Black Christmas is not only an undoubted cult classic, but a damn fine film too. With a talented cast and a plot that I suspect many fear, we see a house of young women picked off one-by-one by a mysterious and phone-friendly madman.

Building suspense like the old greats, this film is the perfect offering of fear to satisfy horror fans and rattle any unwanted guests.

The special effects are of its time, but entertaining regardless whilst the cheer of festive music adds that delicately creepy touch.

The Children (2008)

Admittedly, this may be considered a strange choice for a Christmas horror favourite, but I consider it a delight when having to entertain children during the holiday period.

When they’re tucked away in bed you can settle down for this unsettling tale of kids gone homicidal, literally.

Reminiscent of Village Of The Damned, the cast offer up a surprisingly good analysis of exactly how you might behave, if you were forced to spear one of the little angels before they spear you, all for the sake of a good Christmas.

With a cast from interesting portfolios, The Children is a devious delight with enough blood to satisfy, and a sense of grim brutality in its style.

I hope you enjoy!

By Lola Newman

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