I'm A Horror Fan: What Do I Get If I Join?

  • Access to our secure member hub and all of its perks*
  • A regular newsletter featuring member updates, our best stories of the fortnight, and details of upcoming horror-related events in the capital.
  • Priority access to all members-only Horror Society events, including exclusive screenings.
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I'm a creator: What Do I Get If I Join?

  • All the same perks as our ‘fan’ members receive.
  • Get the opportunity to submit us your work for review, or the chance to screen it to your fellow members.
  • Be ‘front of the queue’ for tickets to our online ‘speed pitching sessions, where you can network with your fellow creatives.
  • 100% FREE to join!

London Horror Society
secure member hub

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

Upcoming Events

Keep up to date with when and were our online and in-person events will be, and how you can secure yourself a spot before tickets are released to the general public.

Special Offers

One of the perks of LHS membership is getting in on a range of exclusive special offers from our favourite partners.  From discounts on tickets, experiences and products, you’ll find them all neatly compiled here, so you don’t miss any!


We know you all love a great giveaway (I mean, who doesn’t love the chance to get free stuff, right?), so we’re going all-out to get you a wide range of swag. In this section we’ll not only keep you in the loop of our own in-house competitions, but also any other horror-centric ones that we find scattered around the depths of the internet.

Top Products

Looking for a gift for a fellow horror fan?  Or maybe you’re looking to treat yourself? Our products section brings you our favourite vendors and products from all over. From DVD and Blu-Rays to cutesy memorabilia, we’ve got you covered.

Top Casts and Blogs

Rumour has it that we’re not the only horror-focused website on the internet… in fact, there’s a whole host of podcasters, videocasters, bloggers etc all hoping that you’ll check them out.  In this section, we’ve compiled a short list of our very favourites.  Be sure to get in touch to let us know if you think we’re missing any!

Networking Events

We’ll be hosting regular online networking events (and once it’s safe to do so, in person ones too!) for you to meet your fellow creatives, and wow them with what you’re working on.

Training Centre

If you’re just starting out in your chosen field, or perhaps you’re looking to learn a new skill, then please do check out our training centre. Here you’ll find our favourite selection of videos that will help you get a handle on a range of disciplines.

Product Centre

Here you’ll find a breakdown of the key benefits for all the main providers of a wide range of filmmaking-related software — from entry level scriptwriting tools to high-level 3-D visual effect design, we have you covered.

Find Cast and Crew

Are you looking to find a producer to take your script to the big screen? Or perhaps you need a sound recordist to join you on set? With this simple tool you can tell us exactly who you need to help create your masterpiece, and we’ll match you up with any fellow members that want to help.

Submit Your Work

Would you like to send us your work to review? Or perhaps you’ve got a film that you’d like us to show at one of our screening events? This is the place to send it over, and we can’t wait to see what you’ve been working on!

If you have any questions then please check out our frequently asked questions, or get in touch with us at member.help@londonhorrorsociety.co.uk.

* Launching Friday 25th September 2020