An Ode To Pennywise

As an over-opinionated horror fan with a dull job and too much time on my hands, it’s not surprising that I have ridiculously strong feelings regarding the 2017 remake of It. The remake in question has of course not yet been released, but my opinion is starting to take shape after seeing the official trailer last week. As a result, I have had a few early questions come to mind. Namely:

Pennywise It Poster

Why is this happening?

Why are they doing this?

Why does the new Pennywise look like that?

From what I have read so far, it seems that the remake will consist of two parts staying true to the original miniseries. The first half of the story, set for release later this year, portrays the ‘losers club’ as children defeating the monster that plagued their childhood.

The second installment (filming and release schedule currently unknown), documents the ‘losers club’ as adults returning to their hometown Derry, facing the monster that they thought they once killed.

In homage to the original Pennywise – played almost to perfection by Tim Curry – and before Bill Skarsgård stamps his own (hopefully excellent) identity onto the character, I have selected my top 5 Pennywise moments from the original miniseries. Enjoy!

Dead kids and the blood balloon in the sink

The best thing about this scene is the sheer randomness of a balloon appearing in Beverly’s plughole. The balloon inflates on its own accord and then pops, filling the sink with blood that only Beverly can see.

Pennywise doesn’t physically make an appearance, but the sound of his voice warning Beverly to not challenge him is clear and disturbingly creepy. “You’ll die if you try to fight us” is repeated whilst blood spurts out of the sink. This scene managed to make me very apprehensive about sinks for a long time, and is thus deemed list-worthy.

Creepy old lady in a creepy old house

The only reason I sat down and actually watched IT was because my brother showed me this scene beforehand.

To explain briefly; Beverly goes back to Derry, visits her old house, her dad is dead, and a creepy old lady lives there instead. Except, THE CREEPY OLD LADY IS PENNYWISE! Shocker! Yes, our clown-based foe has taken the form of an old woman to lure Beverly to her doom.

My favourite thing about this scene is how comically irritating the sound is of the old lady drinking tea. The second best thing being the old lady suddenly taking the form of Beverley’s father and chasing her.

Pennywise in the library

I love seeing Pennywise in the library casually reading a paper. This scene makes the list because for me it showcases exactly why Pennywise is my favourite horror film monster of all time. Not only is he terrifying, but he can be terrifying in such an ordinary setting. He doesn’t need chilling music or a build-up of suspense, his underlying insanity is more than enough.

Pennywise in the school shower

Pennywise appears in the school shower while Eddie is taking a shower after a P.E. lesson. I particularly like this scene because not only does Pennywise laugh (I love it when he laughs), but when he does his sharp evil teeth are exposed.

I can also relate to this scene because my own school showers were grimy and disgusting, and there would be nothing worse than being forced to take one and have a murderous clown appear to add extra insult.

Also, the special effects of the plughole parting to allow our villain to emerge are great for its time, and there surely is nothing worse than trying to flee from an actual monster whilst being totally naked.

Georgie’s death

Georgie dying has to be the saddest part of the film. The actor playing him (Tony Dakota) is so adorable, and the way he dies is beyond awful, but it does a great job of setting the film’s morbid theme.

This scene stays fairly true to the book, and when Pennywise kills Georgie, the close up of his face and teeth slowly zooming in gives the viewers an insight into what Georgie must have seen moments before his death. It’s sad, creepy, weird, not at all dated, and basically everything you want from a horror film.

I hope you enjoyed, and I thoroughly recommend watching this classic if you haven’t already!

By Seema Chohan

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